Nissan Developing Seat Technology that Aims to Cut Fatigue

Nissan is developing fatigue-free seats for its future vehicles and Timbrook Nissan in Cumberland, MD has all the details.

Online PR News – 03-November-2012 – Cumberland, MD – Nissan has long strived to deliver its customers with the best driving experience possible. That goal has included performance, fuel efficiency, driving dynamics, space, entertainment, comfort and so much more. Recently Nissan released information on its newest development and Timbrook Nissan proud to unveil the Korean automaker’s plan to develop fatigue-free seats.
“In developing our seat we took a hint from the posture the human body assumes in a weightless environment, as measured by NASA,” said Masahiro Egami, Manager of Nissan’s Component Engineering Development Division. “This posture in a weightless environment puts minimum loads on the body.”
The goal in the development of Nissan’s fatigue-free seat was to achieve that posture of a weightless environment. In order to do so, Nissan teamed up with Yamazaki Laboratory at Keio University on a joint research program.
The program utilized a seat simulator and musculo-skeletal model to measure seating analytics and points of pressure from traditional seats. Nissan was able to use the information to develop a seat that place the smallest amount of spinal and muscular pressure possible for a driver in the seated position.
“We devised a seat shape and cushion softness distribution that would closely reproduce such a neutral posture in a car seat,” said Egami. “With rear-seat spinal support technology we provide a way for everyone in the cabin to sit in a comfortable posture.”
The spinal technology in the along the back of seat is not the only technology that Nissan plans to implement in its new seats. The automaker is also developing pressure reduction cushion technology that will be used in the cushion of the seat.
Once the technology is perfected, Nissan enthusiasts can look forward to seeing it in the entire lineup of vehicles. “Going forward, we hope to equip all Nissan cars with this technology,” said Egami.
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