Papermasher Offers Consumers New Weapon In Fight Against Identity Theft

Papermasher™ bags are specially designed and used to safely dispose your confidential documents without the time consuming effort it takes to use a shredder machine. Simply fill the bags with your documents and place them in your washing machine. It will become unreadable.

Online PR News – 03-November-2012 – Tenafly, NJ – In spite of the efforts by government agencies, advocacy groups, and private industry, the fight against identity theft in the United States is not going well. According to a 2012 Identity Fraud Report issued by Javelin Research & Strategy, in 2011 alone, incidents of identity fraud increased by more than 13% and impacted over 11.6 million adults. In order to help consumers combat this problem, Simpleshredding LLC., has developed a product that lets people literally wash away sensitive information from documents: the Papermasher.

Everyday mail is filled with sensitive information that a clever thief can use to steal a person’s identity. Bank and credit card statements, bills, and even mass mailers can all provide enough information to compromise a person’s identity security. Until now, consumers had very few options for dealing with this paperwork securely. They could tear or cut up the documents. Tearing or cutting up paper enough that it cannot be easily pieced together, however, is difficult at best. They could also invest in paper shredders, but paper shredding is time consuming and requires a person to manually feed documents into the machine. The Papermasher provides a new alternative.

A person places documents with sensitive information into the Papermasher bag(s), zips it shut, places into a washer and runs a normal wash cycle. The documents are pulped inside the bags leave nothing readable behind and can be thrown away with normal trash can also be put out with the recycling.

While the Papermasher cannot solve the problems of electronic identity theft, it can arm consumers against the threat of identity theft from documents in the trash. The pulped remains of the documents leave the would-be thief no pieces to puzzle back together and the consumer with one less thing to worry about.