Experience a new level of ball juggling games for free with Mission Juggle Lite

The highly addicting arcade game Mission Juggle is now available in a lite version free of charge

Online PR News – 03-November-2012 – Cairo – Mission Juggle is a highly addicting arcade game that takes juggling to a whole new level.

Simple one-handed control game that can be enjoyed on a crowded bus yet skillful and offers up a bit more complexity than simply tapping a single button every now and then.

Cool game graphics that are optimized for retina displays and the music is captivating.

The game is now optimized for iPhone5 4 inch screen.

How To Play :
- Swipe the ball up to begin.
- Swipe it up again whenever it tries to jump off the screen.
- Whenever a new ball is added, swipe it up and try to keep all balls in the air
- Basically the score just counts the number of correct juggles, but you can also earn more points by doing some special moves like "Last Minute Juggle" or " Super Juggle"
- Each time you complete a level, your total score is multiplied by a score multiplier that starts by 1 and is incremented by 1 for each level.

But it is not all about tossing balls in the air, there is more :), you can also select one of two game modes :

1. Mission Juggle -> An adventure with simple yet challenging missions that you need to complete while juggling the balls, to complete the assigned missions you only need good eye-hand co-ordination, good memory and fast reflexes :)

2. Free Style -> Your only mission is to Juggle, Just select the number of balls you want to juggle and see how long can you keep them in the air :), but beware it is not as easy as it sounds as it gets harder to keep the balls in the air with time ;)

Mission Juggle lite is now available via iTunes free of charge

iTunes Link : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mission-juggle-lite/id571864051?ls=1&mt=8

Watch Mission Juggle game play : http://youtu.be/Q6JlR1yvpFo

Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mission-Juggle/285898538178286