Grouping and Creating Hierarchy in Portals using Liferay

Portals have gained a huge relevance in organization communication.

Online PR News – 03-November-2012 – Santa Clara, CA – Portals have gained a huge relevance in organization communication. The word "portal" originates from Latin word porta, meaning ‘gate’. Translating it literally means anything that acts as a gateway to another world is a portal. Talking of Intranet portals, irrespective of employee size, intranet portals are being leveraged big time.

In any organization with employees within 50 to 1000s, connecting them together becomes imperative in day to day working. Organization has various departments, work groups and hierarchies. Finding the common intersecting point and customizing the content on intranets is of utmost priority. While maintaining the sensitivity of information shared among the groups, availability and usage of data and information needs to planned and executed.

How will you share information specific to CxOs or departments or project groups? Answer to it lies in the features of Liferay. Users of portal can be structured in hierarchy. Portal users grouped into a hierarchy of "organizations" or cross-organizational "user groups," is a flexible way of administering the ease of users.

Consider a Retail organization. For example, members of different locations or geographies such as APAC and US can be assembled under organizations, whereas for departmental teams such as HR and IT, "sites" can be created with its own set of pages, content management system, shared calendar, and authorizations. These departments can independently publish their documents, updates, set up calendar events and do more at their individual level. Project teams can share their knowledge in form of knowledge in form of blogs, forums, documents and work as a community. Inspite of these grouping, all the users logged on the portal can use and share common content meant for all audience. A user can belong to multiple sites and easily navigate between them.

Features of creating sites and organizations to group users within a Liferay portal is a powerful way of sharing content while giving appropriate authority to users. From user point of view, it becomes simple to login to a single place and navigate at different levels to accomplish tasks. User-interface is simple and easy inspite of groups created in database at the backend. You can know more at