Billiard Factory Launches Premium Simonis Cloth for Billiards Enthusiasts

Billiard Factory has recently launched a new range of Simonis cloth, ensuring customers can play their game better, without all the hassles of cleaning up stray fibers on a regular basis. The cloth can be fitted to any old table purchased from the BF store.

Online PR News – 03-November-2012 – Houston, Texas – Houston, Texas – Billiard Factory, a highly popular dealer of billiard and game room furniture operating from Houston, Texas has recently launched a premium line of Simonis cloth for billiard tables. The cloth, being marketed under a private label, has been designed to make the experience of playing billiard way better for users.

The cloth, manufactured from worsted wool of the best possible quality, sports a layer of fabric protection coating on top, which protects it from damage as well as regular wear and tear. The resulting high degree of durability has been one of its most talked about USPs of the cloth, since its launch. According to Ryan Stick, co-owner of Billiard Factory, the cloth “has a long life so there will be more years of enjoyment than other brands.” This would provide excellent value for customers' money.

As any billiard player worth his salt knows, the smoothness of the cloth fitted on the billiard table has considerable influence on how well a person can play the game. Woolen cloths can make playing billiard a nightmarish experience for many. On one hand, the woolen fibers gradually show signs of wear and tear with regular use, resulting in the surface becoming dotted with “pills” formed by short fibers jutting out everywhere. These fibers can interfere with the normal spin of the ball, making even seasoned players miss shots, and helplessly watch the wrong ball being tossed into the net. One of the solutions to this problem is to remove all the short fibers from the cloth with a pair of tweezers. Problem is, if the cloth is old, then the player may have to do this everyday, before taking a single shot.

That's not all. Regular woolen cloth also develops “tracks”, that is, deep grooves, if the user plays on a regular basis. Once the tracks are deep enough, those can also result in odd spins of the ball. The only solution to this problem is to replace the cloth with a new one, almost on a yearly basis.

This is where Simonis cloth made from worsted wool makes a welcome difference. Worsted wool is much tougher than regular wool and continually resists the tearing of fibers. Besides, the tough layer of fabric, which protects the worsted wool base of the cloth, also ensures that the top surface is perfectly smooth. This helps the user get excellent control over spin and force of the ball while playing. After all, in billiards, the ball never even touches the rubber or the slate. All it touches is the cloth. As long as the cloth is of the best quality, the user is guaranteed to have a satisfying experience.

Simonis cloth is available in a wide range of colors, including a glossy slate gray and rich mocha. This ensures the cloth can perfectly match the décor of the customer's game room. Also, the Simonis cloth can be fitted to any old table purchased from Billiard Factory. That means customers can upgrade just the cloth, without having to invest in a new table, saving a lot of money in the process. The complete range of Simonis cloth is now available at stores of Billiard Factory.

About Billiard Factory: Founded in 1975, Billiard Factory has become one of the largest retailers of billiard and game room furniture. The company has a history of continuously updating the inventories of their stores, ensuring that customers always have access to the latest, state-of-the-art products, and that too, at proper prices. Their excellent customer service has also been widely appreciated over the years.



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