Version 6.1.1 of the WorksforWeb Classified Software Now Includes the Sitemap Module

The module for sitemaps is a particular blessing for all the PHP-based classified script site clients of WorksforWeb because their sites will probably have pages that are normally inaccessible to web crawlers.

Online PR News – 02-November-2012 – 01/10/2012 Wilmington, DE – has recently developed another important upgrade for its flagship Classified Script Software Version 6.1.1 for the Fall Season. It's a detailed update that includes changes in the interface to make it easier to use, minor bug fixes, the ability to do mass action with field values (which used to be something that users had to accomplish manually), and the inclusion of a mass email module and sitemap module into the mix. The additional modules are some of the most important enhancements in the lifecycle of Classified Scripts Version 6.1.1 because they specifically address the SEO (search engine optimization) and Internet marketing needs of the clientele. In short, these promotional modules should help in promoting and exposing websites to the Internet audience at large better.

For people who want to gain more prominence in the Worldwide Web without relying on the outside help of third-party Internet marketing companies, then being a software user may be just enough to address their particular needs. A sitemap is always useful for the SEO value of any website, not just a classified one. The sitemap module is a crucial update because it helps search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to crawl through a given site more effectively. These bots typically find pages to archive in their indexes link for link. However, not all pages can be accessed by links, like web forms or pages accessible only from Macromedia Flash menus.

It's important that a sitemap (usually an XML file) be generated for one's classified site in order to have every last page archived in the search engine index even if they're not directly linked or are "orphaned" pages. A sitemap lets crawlers gain access to all of a website's pages so that it'd gain more relevancy and hits from search engines because this time around the entire site is archived from "cover to cover", so to speak. Even though the traffic benefits of a sitemap are minimal at best... it produces a 10% to 15% increase in traffic and has zero impact on a site's current SERP (search engine results page) ranking... the fact that a sitemap allows search engines (and, by proxy, possible visitors) access to pages normally inaccessible to spiders has huge implications in terms of gaining search term relevancy and overall SEO benefits.

For example, if one of these inaccessible pages, for example, were to help a site gain relevancy to a whole host of new keywords, then that's an SEO impact that's even bigger than mere traffic gains. At any rate, it's for all these reasons and more that has launched its own sitemap module. It allows clients to generate their own XML sitemap using their already available (and easy-to-update) Works for Web Classified Software. Moreover, once a client has installed the sitemap module, he should check out the "Sites Pages" webpage in order to access a new column that contains checkboxes that'll allow him to select pages that he could include in his sitemap. He could even go to the System Configuration menu, select System Settings, and pick Sitemap in order to setup the frequency of visits from crawlers as high or as low as he wants it to be.
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