MiniBattle – iOS version of DDTank
2 November 2012
Released Date: 2012-11-01 Publisher: Ristom Network Ltd Industry: Internet&Online, Entertainment Ristom Network Ltd introduces a portable and optimized DDTank - MiniBattle on 2012-11-01. Its iOS platform keeps the fluency and high definition as on computer, and it is even easier to be taken with when on business, travel, and even on an exhausting train or bus. It has many advantaged features as DDTank and at the same time improved some disadvantages. Still, the game has PvP, PvE, and MPG for players’ preference. Platform: iOS More reachable, portable and tangible compared with bulk laptops. Five different levels’ additional scenes with exotic story plots Players have to play with teammates and exquisite skills, as well as equip with powerful defending and offending capabilities. Mall for self-defined dress and accessory matches Players can enter into the shopping mall to buy things, and create a unique role. It can be a weird angel, a fashionable pirate, a lovely loli, and even an unfettered juvenile. Smithy to forge, assemble and dismantle weapons. When game reaches a certain high level, the ordinary weapons cannot even satisfy the need, so players can enhance their weapons in Smithy. Guild - a shortcut to improve Joining guild, players can obtain contribution EXP. They can use it to exchange props and skills. The more powerful of the guild, the better welfare members can get. You can free download and play it on your iPad, iPhone and iTouch devices. Contact Web: Email Address: Phone Number: (86)4007-076-076