Men Have Designs On The Nursery

John Lewis reports a growing interest in ‘design’ in nursery as more parents are wanting their children’s rooms to reflect their overall interior scheme. Bloom, infamous for their space age design, have seen a 175% increase in sales year on year. Their iconic high chairs, which come in 33 colour combinations and 3 finishes, have now become design classics, gracing the pages Elle Deco, Junior and several design magazines.

Online PR News – 27-March-2010 – – “Parents are now unwilling to compromise and expect their children’s nursery furniture to have the same level of design as furniture they would choose for the rest of the home”, says Caroline Bettis, Nursery Buyer. “We are seeing a real trend away from traditional gendered furniture in favour of colours such as lime green, orange and black“. Wood has also returned, and is being seen as an important material in the nursery. “We have had a great response to a new range called called Boori. Beautifully designed, the pieces in this furniture range are made from Aracaria timber, which is a plantation timber from Queensland, Eastern Australia”, continues Bettis.

As with Bloom, which is designed by four fathers, much of the innovation in nursery products has come from male designers. Designed by innovative architect and product designer Philippe Starck, the scaled-down children's version of the Victoria Ghost chair has become a modern cult classic, along with the adult-sized original. The armchair style and perfect proportions make it ideal for the young and design-conscious.

Bababing products, again designed by dads, have seen significant increases in sales. The Daytripper Paternity Satchel is a perfect man bag, the subtle colour range and stylish design being instantly appealing to fathers.

Toys and gifts with a contemporaneous feel are also very popular. The classic Brio wooden toy assortment is one such range. One of the most popular pieces, the wooden racing car, offers timeless design which means it will have pride of place in a nursery or an older child’s room. We also predict a good response to our new exclusive range of freizes and prints designed by Made with love by Mrs Booth. Designed by Mrs Booth, and inspired by things she fondly remembers from her own childhood, these prints offer simple and uncluttered designs that will appeal to parents and children.