Social Media Marketing Strategy Twitter vs. Facebook: Which is Better

Social Media marketing strategy comparison between Facebook and Twitter to determine which produces better results for businesses and online marketers.

Online PR News – 26-March-2010 – – Comparison study of the Social Media marketing strategy benefits of Twitter verse Facebook. The goal was to determine which of these social media marketing platforms offers the best strategies for the specialized needs of businesses and online marketers. What follows is a formal summary of this detailed Social Media marketing analysis.

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This Social Media marketing analysis was performed by Irbtrax SEO and Social Media optimization. The study took several months and the results were based on the following:

- User and Client experience and direct feedback
- Monitoring important trends and examining key external metrics
- Researching the third party services that support these Social Media platforms
- Creating several different Twitter accounts specifically for market research purposes
- Creating several different Facebook accounts specifically for market research purposes

Category 1 involved their comparison as effective website traffic driving platforms:

Facebook was determined to have an advantage because Facebook accounts have the internal characteristics of a stand alone website. Including the posting of news, videos, and multiple outbound links. Links that lead to a company's other websites. Due to this flexibility a number of companies that don't maintain websites are using Facebook as their primary Internet platform.

Category 2 focused on viral marketing benefits:

Twitter was declared to have the advantage Twitter because newsworthy tweets act like online press releases. It has also been shown it's not required to have a large amount of followers to get results. Having followers that share the same interests can yield tremendous viral results. Another important Twitter viral marketing benefit can be found in Google's 'Real Time' search feature. A feature that streams live Tweets for different keyword search phrases at various times. Lastly, you can directly measure the viral impact of your Tweets using effective third party sources. Allowing your business to determine which approaches are most effective and maximize your Twitter results.

Category 3 involved a comparison of Market Research and trend identifying benefits:

Twitter was declared to have an advantage because its core platform allows you to more efficiently search for information related to industry specific trends. Additionally, a company can monitor what's being reported about its products or services. As well as the extent of your competition's digital influence. Several Twitter third party sources have software for this very useful purpose.

Category 4 focused on their Social Media intimacy benefits. Social Media intimacy is a buzzword for cross communication and direct audience participation. Also known as interactivity:

Facebook was declared to have the advantage because it's a naturally interactive community due to its 'wall' feature. A feature where Facebook users can publish important news or persuasive offers allowing for interactive participation and commentary. This information, and the related comments, can remain visible for long periods of time depending on the activity level. Information can also be reposted at a later date if necessary.

Category 5 involved a comparison as a vehicle for Market Research and trend identifying purposes:

Twitter was declared to have an advantage because its platform allows you to more efficiently search for information related to industry specific trends, what's being said about your business, and your competitions engagement. Including several excellent third party sources that have software for this very purpose.

Category 6 involved a comparison of each platform for direct Internet communication from a client contact and human resources management perspective:

Facebook was declared to have an advantage because it has an instant message feature that allows communication with other users globally. Additionally, companies can set up private accounts to keep their employees connected, informed and gain feedback without the use of multiple emails.

Category 7 focused on which was the better overall platform for Business to Business marketing:

The results of this particular analysis do not apply to businesses that are 'personalities'. Twitter was declared to have the advantage because the study indicated it provides more Viral Marketing benefits while requiring less followers and time investment. Viral Marketing is a core business to business social media application for Internet exposure and expediency.

Category 8 focused on which platform was best for Business to Consumer Marketing:

Facebook was declared to have the advantage because its format allows for the inclusion of photos, multiple outbound links, videos, surveys, promotions, direct engagement and other popular business to consumer applications. Facebook also facilitates the building of a large network of followers in the shortest amount of time for marketing a consumer product or service.

The larger study concludes that in order to maximize your Social Media Internet marketing results it's best to create a presence on both. However, if trying to decide which one to engage first, or where to spend the most amount of your available time. It's important to perform basic Internet Market research, apply the findings to your Target Audience and weigh the strengths of each platform. For reference, not all B2B and B2C companies fit into the above profiles.

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