Cullens Communications Widens The Ambit Of Its Hospital Answering Service

Cullens Communications has added hospitals to its list of clients and the hospital answering service is aimed at providing backup to hospital staff during holidays, natural disasters, and any other time when quick deployment of additional personnel is a priority.

Online PR News – 02-November-2012 – Goshen NY, NY – Cullens Communications is offering hospital answering service, in addition to helping doctors and medical professionals manage their call answering requirements. The hospital answering service was set up as a solution for administrators who feel that they need additional personnel to bring more efficiency into their call management systems. Many hospitals have used Cullens during crunch time, such as natural disasters, for supplying uninterrupted call attendance to patients.

Administrators are often wary of switching to new answering services, fearing loss of efficiency or disruption of their established call management system. Cullens aims to provide a solution. It helps administrators seamlessly switch from their existing call management service and introduce more efficiency in their call handling in their office. Fast deployment is also important when unforeseen emergencies crop up. Cullens has started offering trained personnel who can take over from existing staff or upgrade the call management system speedily.

Doctors with their own practice have been using this call management service already. Doctors who are often short of staff on weekends, holidays, and off-business hours are among the bigger beneficiaries of dedicated answering services like this one. Cullens employees handle calls from patients when the doctor is out of office and the regular staff members are not available to take calls. Based on the established directives, the call handler answers patient’s questions, issues directions, or forwards the call to the relevant person.

Cullens Communications is offering a risk-free 30-day trial for its telephone answering services. Doctors, dentists, and hospitals can use their service for 30 days and upgrade to paid, regular service once they are satisfied with the quality of call management.

About Cullens Communications

Cullens Communications is a hospital answering service that handles calls on behalf of doctors, receptionists, and other people in the healthcare industry. The goal of Cullens Communications is to provide efficient, quickly deployable, and cost-effective answering services that can be scaled up or down as required.