3B Research and Consulting Publishes Infographic 'Where do ERPs Come From?'

Latest ERP industry research - an infographic titled: "Where do ERPs Come From?" - by 3B Research and Consulting is published. This infographic is a fascinating look at the origins of the ERP industry and state of the industry today.

Online PR News – 02-November-2012 – Toronto, Nov. 01, 2012 – 3B Research and Consulting (3BRC), a premier provider of ERP consulting services for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), published its latest ERP industry research as an infographic this week titled: "Where do ERPs Come From?". This infographic is a fascinating look at the state of the ERP industry, starting with the distribution of today's vendors by country, followed by a deep dive into the data and ending with a graphic showing us which countries have had the most influence in the evolution of the ERP landscape. To view the complete story, please visit http://www.3bresearch.com/3B-Research-and-Consulting-Publications/744.

3B Research and Consulting (3BRC) is an independent Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consulting company offering a full suite of ERP consulting services including vendor-agnostic ERP selection advice, comprehensive implementation project management, ERP data migration script development and ongoing ERP vendor support. With 3BRC's knowledge of the ERP industry, its ongoing market research and an array of proprietary tools and databases, 3BRC is able to offer a complete solution to meet all of their Clients' ERP needs.

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