Apptech Corp and Estelcomm sign LOI to merge

AppTech Corp and Estelcomm have signed an LOI to merge and this will give AppTech instant revenue and some exciting new software platforms to expand into the Latin American Countries. ESTELCOMM has a full suite of VOIP platforms and a two way SMS software platform

Online PR News – 02-November-2012 – Coconut Creek, Florida – AppTech Corp Announces Letter of Intent (LOI) to Merge with Estel Communications
Coconut Creek, Florida. AppTech Corp (US OTC: APCX) announced today that they have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to merge with Estel Communications Inc and their wholly owned subsidiary Estel Direct.

Mario Farias, Estel Communications’ CEO, said that he is very enthusiastic about this merger.
He comments: “I believe that our company has the basics and infrastructure to support solid growth so as to attain annual sales of $5mm in sales within the next two years”.
Mr. Farias has deep experience in financial management with particular emphasis in the VOIP segment of the communications industry but in addition, Mr. Farias also boasts experience in money transfer services for emerging economies and immigrant communities in the United States.  His solid background in project finance and economic development was a key element in the success of previous experiences including telecom services, money transfer services and patient-doctor communication services.

Currently Estelcomm works with the Nextone Platform and its wholesale operation has proprietary software for rate analysis and voice routing that allows for instant traffic exchange. In addition, Estelcomm has call center customer service 24/7, Network Operation Centers (NOC) and a sales structure that is international in scope.

AppTech’s  CEO, Ulrik Remy, stated: “Estel Comm is an ideal enhancement to our company. They have a strong revenue stream as reflected by their $2.1MM sales for the 12 months ending September 30, 2012”.

Estelcomm will shortly launch an array of services targeting retail consumers in key markets, from corporate to retail, focusing on Latin immigrant markets as well as emerging economies.  Estel has already tested and implemented three main platforms to its network, a full suite of retail VOIP platforms that allows routing and administration to the exacting detail of the

Beyond the communications sector, Estelcomm has a bulk and dedicated SMS platform service interconnected with major aggregators of international SMS delivery.  With this service, Estel operates a mobile based messaging software specifically targeting the banking and medical industries in Latin America.  Many doctor's offices in the U.S. are already using two way texting
to remind patients of appointments, take medications and to also to remind patients of dietary requirements and pre operational procedures.

Last but not least, Estel has a state of the art smartphone based money transfer platform that allows consumers to cost effectively remit funds without the hassle of needing to go to the bank or payment agency. Mobile money transfer is THE future in money remittance in emerging economies where mobile networks are much larger than traditional fixed phone networks. The
use of smartphones in emerging countries is explosive and Estelcomm is well positioned to take advantage of this growth.
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