Protect Your Identity with Papermasher

Papermasher™ bags are specially designed and used to safely dispose your confidential documents without the time consuming effort it takes to use a shredder machine. Fill the bags with your documents and place them in your washing machine. It will be mashed and unreadable.

Online PR News – 02-November-2012 – Tenafly, NJ – Identity theft is a rapidly growing issue that affects one in four households in the United States. Many documents we come across on a regular basis include some of our most personal and confidential information. Credit card applications, bank statements, and mass mailings all contain information that a thief can easily get their hands on if it isn’t discarded properly.

For many years, the only option available to consumers and businesses was a paper shredding machine. These bulky, expensive machines provided confidential shredding of sensitive documents, but they have their downfalls. The process is very time consuming and requires someone to manually feed papers into the machine at a slow but steady pace. Shredders provided on site shredding for confidentiality reasons, but are not cost effective for the majority of the consumer market.

Papermasher is a revolutionary new concept in document shredding and identity protection. It eliminates the actual shredding and gives consumers a time-saving and reusable option to traditional document destruction. Simply fill your Papermasher bag with your confidential documents and load the bag into your home washing machine. As the washer cycles, your information is mashed into an unreadable paper pulp. The mashed paper can then be discarded or recycled with regular paper.

Each Papermasher bag has a zippered top and is completely reusable, providing an effortless alternative to traditional paper shredding. From small home offices to large corporations, Papermasher is the ultimate time-saver for anyone wishing to protect their personal information and keep their identity safe.