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Online PR News – 02-November-2012 – San Jose City – Strategy is very important for a gamer. A serious gamer's goal is surely to win, or to dominate in his game. Most games today, more especially in MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), have substantial content that can definitely consume more time and energy from a player. Moreover, because of the nature of online games, most decisions in game are irreversible. A very good example of this is the skill points that one needs to spend in his character. In most online games, once you use a skill point, you cannot undo it anymore.

This is when a Strategy Guide is very much helpful. Indeed, a player does not want to waste time and energy in playing the game. But playing aimlessly can easily happen in MMO games. Having a Strategy Guide can definitely help a player to dominate particular games because you already have a roadmap of goal even before you start playing. However, most players are not willing to get their hand to a particular strategy guide especially if they need to purchase it. This is because they don’t know what could be the content of the strategy guide – or if it has a good value for what they are going to spend.

This is where Strategy Haven comes in. Strategy Haven is a portal for the latest Strategy Guide available online. The site will give some insights, first about the game and then to the strategy guide available. It will mention the features or what you can get in purchasing the strategy guide. It will also mention the pros and the cons of the strategy guide. In addition to this, the player will also be notified if the strategy guide has some bonus content. Knowing these details can greatly help the players to know if a particular strategy guide is for them or not.

The decision to buy a strategy guide is crucial, more especially what particular strategy guide to buy. In most cases, there are different strategy guides for a certain game. In this case, Strategy Haven will compare various strategy guides so players can make their decision better.