Small Businesses Say 'Season’s Greetings!' With Custom Designed Holiday E-Cards
2 November 2012
The Technology Therapy Group is proud to help companies show their appreciation for their customers and friends with unique e-cards during the holiday season. This year, the Technology Therapy Group is offering a range of options to fit any message and budget. The standard e-card design includes a customized message, crafted by in-house content writers with company branding in mind. Additionally, the greeting includes a stock photograph and a web-friendly HTML version for easy social sharing. The Technology Therapy Group also offers a 2-part e-card design. This design includes a personalized message with a click-off to a custom landing page. The landing page could include a special holiday offer, exclusive to email subscribers. As with the standard design, the 2-part e-card includes a stock photograph as well as a web-friendly HTML version. For those companies that really want to stand out this holiday season, there is also a 2-part e-card design with animation. Rather than a still image, this e-card option delights the recipient with an animated illustration. As with the regular 2-part design, the animated 2-part e-card includes a custom tailored message with a click-off to a landing page and a web-friendly HTML version. Pricing and specifications on each of the above options can be found on the Technology Therapy Group’s website. An additional add-on for social media savvy businesses includes holiday-themed Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube covers and backgrounds to extend the season’s greetings to fans, friends and followers. Finally, the Technology Therapy Group offers the option of importing the custom e-card into a pre-existing email system, or sending the e-card through their system at an additional cost. The cost to have the Technology Therapy Group send the holiday greeting varies depending on the size of the email list. Contact the Technology Therapy Group today at 914-949-6092 or online by visiting their website.