Happy, Successful and Now Healthy Through Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is not just an image problem but a serious health issue

Online PR News – 01-November-2012 – Orange California – Dr. Milt Owens, well known bariatric surgeon and director of Coastal Center for Obesity recently released a new video with Paco Galvez, popular Latin radio and television personality. The video is trending due to the relevance of his struggle with weight, one that is experienced by so many young people today. Although Paco was a happy and successful young adult, he realized early on that he needed to address his obesity and his concern about the related diseases that were starting to affect him. Like so many, he tried dieting and exercise but found that each effort produced initial weight loss only to quickly regain and add a few more pounds with each attempt. Paco’s success story is not only one of weight loss, but of a long term change for the better in both his health and career.

“As I got older, I started to feel the results of my uncontrolled obesity. I felt it was completely ‘out of control’ and I needed to do something.”

Paco searched the internet for someone with the experience and results he could trust. He found Dr. Owens and discovered that it was possible to have it all; happiness, success and health. In the video, Paco talks about his journey and the good health he is enjoying due to acting on his problems early in life, and in the end curing his obesity related diseases.

Dr Owens changed my life forever! He has remained in my life as a close family friend and doctor since I met him in 2006.

The video is posted on you tube: http://youtu.be/DvK2M_-CExA
Paco tells his story and explains that his decision to have weight loss surgery was more than just a cosmetic one. For Paco, it was a choice to live a healthy lifestyle with the help and support of his Bariatric surgeon, Dr. Milt Owens, www.coastalobesity.com

“Dr Owens changed my life forever! He has remained in my life as a close family friend and doctor since I met him in 2006.” Paco said in reference to the importance of his ongoing relationship with Dr. Owens post surgery.
Coastal Center for Obesity’s You Tube channel is: http://www.youtube.com/user/gastricbypasssurgery?feature=watch
The channel has many similar stories of successful weight loss, told by grateful and happy patients.

“We are finding patients are much better educated and realize that obesity is not just an image problem but a serious health issue, making it impossible to live a normal healthy life. Often, my patients had been treated for various obesity related diseases, but obesity, the source of many of their problems had not been addressed.” Dr. Owens said in a recent interview.
Known for his understanding and empathy, as well as his focus on each patient’s overall wellbeing, Dr. Owens has always been an advocate of patient care management. In a time where surgeries might be the sizzle, Dr. Owens stresses that there’s sometimes more to the success equation; education, support, accountability and motivation available for each patient.

Paco explains just how important this relationship was to him personally throughout the process of permanently changing his life and health. Paco’s website is: www.pacogalvezvo.com

Dr. Owens is an expert with 22 years of experience in Bariatric surgery and over 8000 Bariatric Surgeries He is available for interviews.

For full information on weight loss surgery options including: gastric sleeve, Lap Band check out: www.coastalobesity.com or Facebook at www.facebook.com/CoastalObesity
email: info@coastalobesity.com

Dr. Owens is a Bariatric surgeon, specializing in weight loss surgery.He has performed well over 8 thousand weight loss surgeries including laparoscopic gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and adjustable band surgeries.

His experience His led him to expertise in complex revision surgeries, care for seniors and other high risk patients. His management of bariatric patients both pre and post op make him a trusted choice for all patients seeking safe surgery and great outcomes.

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