All New Scourby Audio Bible APPs for iPhone, iPod Touch and Andriod devices.

The Newest Way to Access the Oldest Book

Online PR News – 02-November-2012 – London, UK – The Chicago Tribune, wrote that Alexander Scourby has the Greatest Voice ever recorded and is the World's best audio book narrator. Now that Voice in the all NEW Scourby Audio Bible APP...can be at users fingertips ready to access anytime and anywhere.

This is an awesome APP for accessing the Bible made possible by merging the power of Technology, with the King James Bible and the unequaled voice of Alexander Scourby. But it's much more than just audio!!!

The Scourby Audio Bible APP presents the Bible in a Bimodal presentation with audio and text presented together, so you can both hear and read the Bible at the same time, with the text being read highlighted in yellow. Studies have shown that this simple technique increases comprehension, understanding and vocabulary. It's feature rich and permits the user to search for book, chapter and verse or for words or word groups, create playlists, set up reading plans and much more.

This APP makes accessing the Bible easier than ever before. It's an ideal Bible Study tool and perfect to take to Church for easy scripture look up. Pastors are now even using this APP on tablets for sermon scriptures references.

It's mobile and goes where users go for quick access. Looking up a scripture verse is simple and easy, just search, click and play. The APP puts the Bible at your finger tips like never before for instant access...making inspiration and encouragement just a tap away. There are APPS for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices as well as MP3 audio downloads for computers and mp3 players. Here is what one user had to say about his APP:

The Most Important App In the Universe
by Roy Lange - Version .0 - Jan 19, 2012

"Combine the most blessed version of the Bible with the greatest narration of all times, add wonderful search and study features, and you have the most significant APP ever made. You will be empowered by being able to increase your daily intake of God's Word by being able to listen throughout the day. Please SHARE this app with others”!!!

So taking Mr. Lange's advice, we are sharing news about this APP with you now in this press release. Go to to see APP demos, hear Alexander Scourby narrate a number of selected Bible passages and even watch two great videos: (1)The story of how we got our first English Bible and (2)The Prophecy of Israel. We have found this to be a very useful and beneficial resource and suggest you check it out for yourself.

Paula Murillo
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