Michael Kwasnik New Evidence Casts Doubt that Michael Kwasnik was Fleeing Indictment

New Evidence in Michael Kwasnik case casts serious doubt on claim of fleeing indictment

Online PR News – 02-November-2012 – New Jersey – Several media outlets reported that N.J. Attorney, Michael Kwasnik, fled N.J. upon hearing he was indicted last November 7, 2011. New evidence casts serious doubt on this claim of flight. Plane tickets and bank videotape surveillance footage establish that Michael Kwasnik was travelling in Florida, with his wife, when the N.J. Attorney General announced its indictment of Michael Kwasnik. Attorneys for Kwasnik, in documents filed with the courts to Dismiss the Indictment, stated that any alleged wrongdoing at Michael Kwasnik’s New Jersey law firm occurred “while Kwasnik was conducting business in Florida.” The Kwasnik submissions are supported by plane tickets, Alibi witnesses, and bank camera footage.

In a responsive brief, filed by the New Jersey Attorney General’s office, the assigned Deputy Attorney General perpetuated the allegation that Kwasnik had been a “fugitive from justice”, but provided no documentary support for this claim.