Online Video Interview Solution launched - Jet HR (

Ace Algo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has launched a web based online interview solution called Jet HR ( It enables organization to conduct online video interviews, which tremendously accelerates candidate selection, and saves money and effort.

Online PR News – 02-November-2012 – Bangalore/Karnataka – JetHR ( came into existence out of the need to bring efficiency and effectiveness in talent acquisition process. (

The Problem

Filtering of candidates for an opening has been a very innefficient process. Organizations typically have to conduct qualifying interviews with 5-10 candidates for every opening, just to filter out good candidates for the next level. This happens even in those cases where candidate profiles have been pre-screened by professional recruitement consultancy companies. Hundreds of man hours are wasted in creating appointments, finding agreeable time slots and conducting interviews. Often huge sums of money is also wasted in arranging transportation and lodging of candidates and interviewers. So, conventional approach is wasteful and inadequate.

Jet HR's mission is to solve this problem, in a way that is easy and effective for both organizations and candidates

The Solution

Generally it all boils down to one question for the interviewer - Do I like this candidate in person ?
JetHR enables you to efficiently figure this out by virtually bringing the candidates in front of you.

Here is how it works:

Companies create an online test, a link to which is sent it to candidates via email.
The candidates answers the test questions online using video recording.
Companies can then watch the videos and perform first level assessment and filtering

The beauty of it lies in that there is no need for anyone to setup any meetings or travel. .

The Benefits

JetHR improves the talent acquisition process by enabling interviewers to perform a high level assessment of candidates before inviting them for one-on-one meetings. This brings:

Better effectiveness by virtue of being able to replay recorded videos and sharing them with co-workers.
More efficiency by filtering out candidates early and by avoiding efforts in setting up first level interviews.
Cost savings for the company by means of saving time and effort of the interviewer.