With many homebuyers hesitant to move forward too quickly, book helps real estate professionals shorten the buying cycle through a shared, mutual purpose with their customers

Online PR News – 02-November-2012 – Auburn, Calif. – Tapping into one of the biggest problems residential real estate salespeople face in today’s changing market, Jeff Shore’s newly released book, The 4:2 Formula: Getting Buyers Off the Fence and Into A Home, offers a fresh approach to the sales process that shifts the focus off the product and onto the prospect. Targeted at REALTOR® and new home sales professionals alike, the book blends buyer psychology and sales strategies that focus on connecting to the customer’s mission in order to accelerate the buying cycle.

Many people burned by previous market swings now take longer to make purchasing decisions, contributing to an overall slower buying cycle. However, given the astonishingly low inventory levels of new and resale homes currently on the market nationwide, it is not in the best interest of potential buyers to wait as they may very well miss out on the perfect solution for their housing needs.

“I’d like to make a slightly preposterous claim: if you know your clients well enough, they will literally show you how to sell them a home! I believe this because I’ve seen it work over and over again, all around the world,” said Jeff Shore, Author of The 4:2 Formula and President of Shore Consulting. “My goal in writing this book is to bring forth fresh new concepts that can completely revolutionize the home selling process.”

“Speeding up the sales process isn’t about luring hesitant buyers off the fence with incentives, interest rates, and promotions. Rather, it’s about asking the right questions to understand why they are on the fence in the first place,” continued Shore. “If we can figure out how a person’s life needs to be improved – that is, if we truly understand their current dissatisfaction along with their hopes for the future – I contend that the sale will roll out right in front of our eyes. The 4:2 Formula provides a strategy to do just that.”

The 4:2 Formula is a selling methodology specifically designed for today’s market that shortens the buying cycle by allowing sales professionals to get to know their prospects on a deeper level and far sooner than they might otherwise. Presenting a strategic framework that helps sales professionals understand the mission that every homebuyer is on – a mission to improve their life – The 4:2 Formula provides proven techniques to lead the buyer quickly toward a mission-centered sales solution.

"Jeff Shore has taught us the importance of a presentation centered around the customer's mission,” said Jennifer Parr, Vice President, Sales and Marketing with The Villages of Florida. “His strategies enable our sales professionals to know their customers on a deeper level than ever before. This is not the same old sales training re-packaged - Jeff brings an entirely new approach."

The 4:2 Formula offers application breaks (tips and ideas) throughout the book, in addition to study questions at the end of each chapter, to help sales professionals apply what they’re learning as they go. The book also includes a 10-week implementation plan with specific exercises, self-assessments and journaling assignments to help drive execution and mastery of the core principles.

The 4:2 Formula is available for purchase and download through Jeff’s website,, and through

About Jeff Shore, President, Shore Consulting, Inc.
Backed by more than two decades of residential real estate sales and Fortune 500 executive experience, Jeff Shore blends hard working, real-world expertise with humor, insight and wit in his uniquely singular approach to sales training. His seminars garner ecstatic reviews from sales professionals and managers internationally, describing them as “authentic”, “entertaining”, “inspiring” and “compelling.” With an unfailing enthusiasm for the sales process, Jeff captivates his listeners with down-to-earth conversation and savvy intelligence on and off the stage.

Jeff is an acclaimed member of the National Speaker’s Association and the author of four books, including the bestselling Tough Market New Home Sales.