New DUI Coverage Pages Added to the Ace Criminal Attorneys Website

Find out about the new DUI coverage pages that were added to the Ace Criminal Attorneys website.

Online PR News – 01-November-2012 – Encino, CA – The Ace Criminal Attorneys website recently added several new pages to their website that focus on specific types of DUI cases. These pages are designed to give their clients an overview of the types of services that they provide in court. When it comes to choosing an attorney or lawyer, it's extremely important that the lawyer have the proper skills and qualifications to serve on DUI cases. These pages help highlight some of the services that they specialize in. This allows clients to see that they are qualified for the specific cases that they are undergoing.

Breathalyzer test refusals
When a client refuses a breathalyzer test, they immediately place themselves in a difficult position during court. Ron Hedding is Los Angeles DUI lawyer and his job is to represent his client in the best way that he possibly can. When the client has refused a breathalyzer test, he must explain to the judge why the client refused this test. Often times, in these types of scenarios, it's best for the client to admit to the crime and try to lessen the charges. This is said because most judges are very harsh on clients that refuse breathalyzer tests, they feel that if the client had nothing to hide, they would have consented to the breathalyzer test. For this reason, it's a good idea to have a lawyer that will help lessen the charges and get some of the offenses diminished. Dealing with criminal charges and financial fines can be a huge obligation and it's something that substantially impacts the budgets of most people charged with a DUI.

Unlawful police stops
Keep in mind, there are many times where the police will unlawfully stop a car, because they suspect something is wrong. Rather than finding a legitimate reason to pull the car over, they simply stop the car without coming up with anything. Keep in mind, this is actually illegal and it's called an unlawful police stop. A lawyer is there to represent the client in court and represent how they were unlawfully stopped on the streets and the charges must be dropped because of this.

Blood tests
Blood tests are often used as concrete evidence that a person was drinking and over the legal alcohol limit. Blood tests are what police officers and jails use to determine whether or not the client was actually disobeying the law. If a client takes a blood test and fails, they then need to hire a very high quality Los Angeles DUI attorney to represent their case and try to lessen some of the charges that have been placed upon them. The charges for refusing a blood test can be substantial. Oftentimes, judges will apply heavy financial burdens on clients that refuse blood tests. If the lawyer or attorney representing the client is able to lessen some of these charges, then the client will not have to suffer as much financial burden as they would have previously. Similarly, if the client did do a blood test and a passed, then this shows that they were unlawfully charged of a DUI.

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