East Coast Airsoft Opens in Bel Air as New Specialty Airsoft Retailer

The newly opened airsoft retailer East Coast Airsoft has opened a physical store in Bel Air, and carries a wide variety of airsoft products and accessories.

Online PR News – 01-November-2012 – Bel Air, MD – Bel Air is now home to the only Airsoft specialty store in the state of Maryland. While other large sports retailers carry airsoft guns among thousands of other non-airsoft products, East Coast Airsoft is the sole airsoft-only store, carrying a wide variety of airsoft guns and accessories. The store also offers repair and upgrade services through its experienced gun tech specialist.

Airsoft, to those unfamiliar with the sport, is a game most relatable to paintball. However, airsoft is designed to have a more realistic feel, and is aimed at people who want to simulate real battle. Instead of paintballs, very small and light plastic BBs are used. Games are played in the woods and in sanctioned airsoft fields. Common items needed to play are the airsoft guns themselves, safety gear (at least a full face mask), BBs for ammo, and accessories like extra magazines or tactical vests. East Coast Airsoft stocks all of these in one place for maximum convenience and utility for the customer.

The game of airsoft has grown exponentially over the last ten years. Co-owner Matt Gabriel said, "When my dad and I started EastCoastAirsoft.com five years ago, hardly any of my family or friends even knew what the sport was. Now almost anyone I speak to knows somebody who plays airsoft."

East Coast Airsoft has been selling airsoft guns online since 2007. With the sport growing faster than ever, owners Hal Littman and Matt Gabriel opened the brick-and-mortar store May 1, 2012. They are open seven days a week from 11am to 8pm. The store is located at 1318 E.Churchville Rd in Bel Air, MD. In addition to selling standard airsoft products, East Coast Airsoft also sponsors free airsoft games on a monthly basis.