Empellex Speaks Design Principles with a New Website and Logo

Empellex Inc.(http://www.empellex.com)is based in Toronto Ontario Canada, which offers creative web design, custom computer programming,search engine optimization,mobile development & IT consulting and support services.Empellex has the knowledge, skills to complete projects.

Online PR News – 01-November-2012 – Toronto, Canada – Toronto, Canada: Empellex Inc. (Empellex), a professional IT service provider has launched its new website and logo that symbolizes the company’s fluid creativity, engaging design, and creative culture. Empellex is providing specialized IT skills like mobile application development, Search Engine Optimization, creative web design, user interface design, computer programming, service management, and other IT skills to a global marketplace. The new Empellex website and logo reflect the company’s belief that good design principles are important to follow in order to provide a unique, memorable, and positive user experience. Networking and sharing knowledge is an important social initiative that Empellex has adopted into its corporate culture and firmly supports.

Continuing on their path with focus on developing the best and most fluid, engaging, and responsive websites and applications the company’s website and logo is designed with the application of the contour bias principle using circles and curved lines to increase visual appeal, represent motion, and the natural world. The website is engaging, surfaces important content, and symbolizes options with graphics that can be more easily understood by a broader audience over text content. Empellex demonstrates sound design principles in its new website and logo.

Built on industry standards the new website is optimized for different browsers and provides a first class user experience. The website reduces cognitive load by guiding users through the user interface without providing an overwhelming number of options. The user interface is clean, clear, and concise and avoids the stressful clutter of too much information crammed into a small area. Empellex uses whitespace to create a calming experience that allows its guest or viewer to focus on what really matters. Empellex carefully placed social media icons linking to their YouTube channel, Twitter feed, and Facebook pages in commonly expected places that are highly visible. Social media is important for any business operating in today’s economy because it allows companies to reach a broad audience quickly and cultivate a loyal group of brand followers willing to promote the products and services they believe have value.

Empellex sets a high standard with the launch of their new website for other design firms to follow. The new website includes a blog featuring numerous design and development articles offering free tips and advice to teach other developers new skills. The company plans to continue sharing their knowledge, skills, and tips for free on their YouTube channel to help other developers and design firms grow. The company’s new website and logo symbolizes the fluid, engaging, and creative talents the firm delivers.


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