Bedfordshire Growers launch new High Quality 10kg Onion Tray

Bedfordshire Growers has just introduced the new ‘Bedgrow’ tray.

Online PR News – 01-November-2012 – Biggleswade, Bedfordshire – Bedfordshire Growers has just introduced a new 10kg cardboard tray for distribution of onions to wholesale markets. The new ‘Bedgrow’ tray is a higher quality method of storage than traditional nets. The tray has been specifically designed for easier handling and to dramatically improve cleanliness. Shale and dust can be problem for customers handling nets and the cardboard tray also helps to reduce the risks of external contamination during handling / transportation.

The trays stack easily on a pallet and provide a rigid structure which protects the product from potential damage. Initially the” Bedgrow” boxes are being used to supply Red onions but if the trial is successful, Browns will also be available. Manufactured from standard 2-ply recycled board, the trays are reusable which makes them an economically viable option to nets.

Bedfordshire Growers envisages that the superior presentation of the “Bedgrow” box reflects the guarantee of a premium quality product.

More about Bedfordshire Growers
Founded in 1963 Bedfordshire Growers started from a small wooden hut on a17 acre site near Biggleswade. It was formed as a co-operative of local farmers and horticulturalists business to promote the highest standards of crop marketing and presentation that customers demand. The business focuses on packing and distributing the traditional Bedfordshire vegetable crops of onions and potatoes.
The first packhouse was constructed on the site in 1966, but has expanded and now includes three packing houses fitted with the latest crop grading and packing equipment, cold stores and long term controlled atmosphere stores. The business occupies a 98 acres site which includes adjacent farmland. Bedfordshire Growers currently employs over 35 full time staff, which is supplemented by up to 60 temporary staff for grading and packing during peak periods.
Still a grower-owned consortium, the group’s success has attracted growers from wider fields and Bedfordshire Growers now distributes root and salad crops from growers throughout the Eastern Counties and Spain to multiple retail outlets, wholesale food services and food processors.

For Technical information
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