New Website That Allows You to Buy Protocel - A Revolutionary New Supplement

Find out about the new website that allows you to buy Protocel.

Online PR News – 01-November-2012 – Greenville, SC – Scientists believe that Protocel could be the future to killing diseases like cancer and all sorts of other terrible medical tragedies. They believe this because Protocel has a unique characteristic about it. Rather than using medicine to attack cancerous cells and cells that are doing harm to the body, Protocel uses the body's natural immune system to accomplish this. Below, you will find an explanation of Protocel and you will learn exactly how it works, but first you should know about the new website that allows you to buy Protocel so that you can use it right away. Scientists are not locking this product away and keeping it out of reach for modern consumers, instead it is available for anyone to purchase already. The new website is called and if you have questions like "What is Protocel?" or "Where to buy Protocel?" you now have your answer!

What is Protocel?
Protocel is a great new product that uses your body's immune system to get rid of dangerous cells that are causing damage to your health. A typical example of this would be cancerous cells. Rather than using radiation or chemotherapy to attack these cancerous cells, you can use a product like Protocel which is designed to use the body's natural immune system to get rid of these bad cells.

How does Protocel work?
Unless you know biology inside and out, the technology behind Protocel might be a bit confusing. Essentially, energy for the body is produced in an area inside of our cells known as the mitochondria. Mitochondria inside of each cell of our body is responsible for producing a substance known as ATP, short for a adenosine triphosphate. This is a fuel that drives the body and produces energy for us. The way that Protocel works is it essentially reduces the amount of ATP production that can be generated by a cell. This does not harm the body in any way, it doesn't take away from your overall energy. Instead, it reduces the voltage that each cell can generate, which deprives the cell of about 15 percent to 25 percent of its total voltage. In turn, this will not harm any healthy cells throughout the body, but it will attack anaerobic cells, which are cells that are able to produce energy without oxygen. These types of cells in the body are the dangerous ones, they are the ones behind cancer. What this does, is it starts a self-destructive process where the immune system will attack the cells and then begin to remove them as waste. Essentially, you use the immune system to get rid of these cells in the body so that they are no longer affecting you.

Protocel is a revolutionary new scientific breakthrough that is expected to be the way of the future. As science progresses and we become smarter, it is expected that Protocel will advance and become even more effective. Today, it can accomplish revolutionary things for patients and its ability to attack cancerous cells and other types of dangerous cells in the body make it a technological breakthrough.

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