American Barbecue Association Invites New BBQ Recipes

The American Barbecue Association is an active community of barbecue enthusiasts. The organization is dedicated to building a rich community of barbecue lovers so that likeminded people can come together and enjoy the good food and the good times.

Online PR News – 01-November-2012 – Ann Arbor, MI – Ann Arbor, MI, 01 November 2012: The American Barbecue Association acts as a virtual community and home for all barbecue lovers. The association seeks to bring together professional barbecue chefs as well as the amateur weekend grillers, to share their passion and enjoyment for barbecue. Moving towards accomplishing this goal, the association has invited new barbecue recipes from its community members. People willing to share their knowledge and experience of barbecue cooking tips and sauce recipes can now head on to the American Barbecue Association forum and share their recipes and make special connections with those who love to live.

A senior member of the assocation said, “We’re looking for innovative recipes and ideas to help others share the joy of barbecue. We want your thoughts on how to best prepare meats, sauces, rubs, sides and desserts. If you have a great idea, recipe or style of preparing BBQ, we invite you to post your recipe and share your experiences with other barbecue enthusiasts.”

The American Barbecue Association is of the view that when people will share their recipes of preparing barbecue meats and accompaniments, this will lead to a strengthening of the the BBQ community as a whole. Sharing recipes that have been in the family for generations or a creative idea one just invented with others who share the same passion for barbecuing will be a heartening experience for every barbecue enthusiast.

Our grillmaster said “We believe in barbecue, good friends and good times! Do you want to be a part of our growing member community? Then sign up as we will be announcing specials at your own local favorite BBQ restaurants around the country.”

The American Barbecue Association is quite excited with the enthusiastic response they have generated from their community members as their forums are abuzz with discussions over new recipes being shared continuously.

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The American Barbecue Association is a community of BBQ lovers who share the common passion for barbecue, food, friends as well as good times. The company acts as a platform for barbecue enthusiasts to come together and share their love of barbecue and life.

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