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Sons of Sita is about Sita and her Sons Luv and Kush. After Rama had banished her from the palace she went to live in the forest and then the story follows. This book is available at

Online PR News – 01-November-2012 – Ahmedabad/Gujarat – Ahmedabad, India; November 01, 2012: No one ever thought of what happened on that. But it did happen. Rama banished Sita his wife from the palace after getting carried away by what people were talking of her. It was now 10 years after Sita was banished. She lives in quite ashram of Maharishi Valmiki in a remote forest. She is getting her sons Luv and Kush trained in the arts of war and they are quite proficient in that too. They never came across their estranged father. But destiny had decided something else for them. Rama's had growing ambitions and thus his war – mongering warriors provoke him to launch the Ashwamedha yojna. The mightiest Army of Ayodhya assembled to follow this sacred horse in a battle of invasion that was relentless until a pair of doubtful obstacle arises.

These are none other than the estranged sons of Rama –Luv and Kush. They defy the military power and the emperorship of Rama himself, they very proudly capture his horse and are intelligent enough to defeat the army of the mighty Lord Rama. They are not willing to free the horse Ashwamedha and have their demands for the same. What are the demands they set before the army? Did Emperor Rama agree upon them? One cannot miss to read this epic. Take this opportunity to read about the story Sita's Sons. Now get the book Sons of Sita from Book yourself a copy now.


About the Author:

Ashok Banker's internationally much-admired Ramayana Series has been saluted by reviewers as a target (India Today) and a brilliantly delivered labour of love (Outlook). It is debatably the most admired English-language retelling of the ancient Sanskrit epic. His book has been published in more than 56 countries, in a 12 different languages, 100s of reprint editions with more than million copies currently in print.

Ashok Banker has been recognized for being author of the first Indian TV series in English and author of the first Indian book. He is one of the few living Indian authors whose contribution to Indian literature has been acknowledged in The Picador Book of Modern Indian Writing and The Vintage Anthology of Indian Literature.