eVisible Provides Search Engine Optimization Services Tailored to Clients' Needs

New SEO firm brings years of experience to developing and executing online marketing strategies that help businesses of all sizes reach their target audiences.

Online PR News – 01-November-2012 – California – Los Angeles, CA – Savvy businesses know that having a strong web presence is about more than a flashy website. Customers need to be able to find their website when they search for relevant keywords on major search engines and the website has to give them the information they need to make a purchase. Search engine optimizationis critical to succeeding as an online business but also requires time and expertise that many businesses just don't have.

This is where eVisible comes in. Recently founded by executives with years of experience in the SEO world, eVisible provides a wide range of SEO services for customers of all sizes across various industries. eVisible's slogan is "Plan, Execute, Dominate" and their staff does this by working with businesses to create an in-depth strategy that hits every major aspect of online marketing.

Plan: No two customers are the same in the SEO world: strategies that work for Fortune 500 companies might not be smart small business solutions. eVisible doesn't rely on a cookie cutter approach to SEO. Instead, eVisible works directly with clients understand their business, fine-tune their goals and develop a strategy to improve search engine rankings and reach the right customers.

Execute: eVisible utilizes a host of tactics in order to meet their customers' online marketing goals. This includes making sure that websites are designed for maximum search engine and user friendliness; SEO content writing that increases search engine rankings and keeps customers on their site; Paid Search Marketing campaigns that reach targeted customers with offers and specials; and social media marketing that leverages the power of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites to build a buzz for your brand.

Dominate: Solid online marketing campaigns don't go flat after initial launch; eVisible knows that you need to build on the success of a campaign in order to keep a website ranking highly with search engines. Local SEO services help to target local customers who might be particularly interested in a business. Frequent on-site and off-site blog postings and social media updates provide new content for search engines to keep your rankings fresh. Link building is another tool that eVisible uses to keep businesses going strong after the launch of an online marketing campaign.

eVisible is a different type of SEO firm – one that is focused on the long-term success of their clients. Each customer of eVisible is treated like a partner, and eVisible is devoted to making sure that clients receive individual treatment and the best possible services.

About eVisible: eVisible is a full-service search engine optimization agency providing a range of online marketing services. Featuring a staff with years of SEO industry experience, eVisible provides services including website design, SEO content writing, link building and paid search marketing campaigns to companies of all sizes and in all industries. Find more information at www.evisible.co.