Rutherford Physician Answering Service starts offering HIPAA-compliant personnel for doctors’ office

Rutherford Telephone Answering Service has upgraded the training program for its personnel. The recently upgraded training program is designed to keep personnel well informed about the most recent laws dealing with patient privacy.

Online PR News – 01-November-2012 – NJ, NJ – Rutherford Telephone Answering Service has started providing personnel trained in the intricacies of laws dealing with privacy of patient information. Rutherford’s physician answering services are an answer to the need for people specialized in handling calls for medical industry. The training also ensures higher call quality and better management of calls. The calls are logged and monitored, and feedback is provided to call handling personnel to keep improving call quality. The training covers two aspects, legal and protocol. The legal aspect relates to regulations, such as HIPAA, while the protocol training equips personnel to handle interactions with patients.

Poorly trained personnel are a threat to the doctor’s reputation. Failure to keep patient information safe might open the door to lawsuits. This prompted Rutherford to offer physician answering services that adhere to protocols when answering patient calls or handling medical records.

Rutherford physician answering services trains its employees on a regular basis, as often as once every month. The goal is to ensure that the people taking calls on the doctor’s behalf are up to date on the latest regulatory requirements, changes in policies, and technical aspects of their job.

All calls are logged and recorded. The management goes over randomly chosen calls with the employee every week to ensure regulations are being adhered to and protocols are being followed. Suggestions are offered and training is scaled up as required to ensure employees are always maintaining the high standards required of any doctor answering service.

Rutherford Telephone Answering Service is among the well-recognized medical answering services in the region. With the introduction of a 30-day trial free of cost for doctors, the popularity of this medical answering service is probably set to increase even further.

About Rutherford Telephone Answering Service

Rutherford Telephone Answering Service was established in 1986 with the goal of providing answering services for the healthcare industry. Among the pioneers of physician answering services, Rutherford offers affordable, personalized service to doctors, hospital admin, and others working in the healthcare sector. Call us at 800-523-9951 or contact us at 23 Highland Cross, Rutherford, NJ 07070.