It is Time to Look at your 2013 Davis-Bacon Plan

Contract labor may be changing as we head into 2013. Make sure you are well aware of new structures to maximize your employee benefits.

Online PR News – 01-November-2012 – Redmond, Washington – If you use contract labor in your business, chances are you hit a bit of a lull at the end of the year. This would be a perfect time to consider how you should alter your strategy for 2013. The marketplace continues to get more and more competitive and the laws seem to be growing more and more cumbersome for small businesses. So what can you do to weather this “perfect storm?”

As a business owner you can take full advantage of the Davis-Bacon laws that allow you to compensate contract workers even while offering your employees greater financial freedom. But, the trick is to structure your program so you can affordably stay above the law. That is where the professional team at Davis-Bacon Pension Plans, Incorporated comes in. Since 1988, they have offered business owners like you the competitive edge they need to exceed everyone’s expectations when bidding on Davis-Bacon, Prevailing Wage or Service Contract jobs.

That’s important, because the difference between landing a state, city, federal or public works contact is having a pension plan that has met the standard of both the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Labor. Davis-Bacon Pension Plans, Incorporated also offers a host of other employee benefit programs that will really help to lower Workers Compensation costs, your general liability Insurance burden and your Federal labor burdens, such as: FICA, SUTA, FUTA and Medicare. In most states, the premiums are based on wages.

Certain companies such as Davis-Bacon Pension Plans, Incorporated offer chance to hone your contract labor benefits for a more competitive bid. It's best to trust someone that knows the laws, both older and current ones with services that meet the government standards without breaking the bank.