Valor Medical is helping Sandy victims out...with Diapers?

Valor Medical Supply, a leading retailer of incontinence supplies, is offering a discount on adult diapers and related products to sandy victims. COO grew up in Atlantic City and wants to help.

Online PR News – 01-November-2012 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – With the horrible devastation that hurricane Sandy has wreaked on the East coast, many people are without their basic essentials. For some people this is a more serious issue than others. Many companies and groups are stepping up to help. One New Hampshire Company is offering something a bit different than usual. Valor Medical Supply is offering a 5% discount on their incontinence supplies, that is- adult diapers.
Of the estimated 25% of the population that suffers from incontinence, not having your undergarments is an embarrassing and potentially dangerous situation for prolonged periods of time. “These people have lost everything, we want to help them not lose their dignity as well.” says Robert Rash, the COO of Valor, who grew up in Atlantic City. “I can’t imagine the suffering that those people are going through, and if we can do anything to help, we will.”
Incontinence is not just for old people. Many people have chronic conditions, especially women that necessitate wearing some protective undergarments. Avoiding embarrassment is secondary in nature to the potential for infections, UTIs, and fungal growth.
Valor provides products for both men and women and can be visited online at or by calling 800-341-5469.