Wondersaver.com the price comparison web search service launches and guarantees customer savings!

A new concept in paid web searches, Wondersaver will try and beat the customers best price and return fantastic savings!

Online PR News – 31-October-2012 – Arbroath, Angus – WonderSaver.com an exciting new concept in web search service devoted to bringing the customer the cheapest product launches on 1st November 2012.

WonderSaver.com will beat the customer’s cheapest product price by combining voucher codes, retailers and WonderSaver search technology. The logo is a superhero figure “WonderSaver” clutching cash and the website carry’s a fun cartoon feel. The website will appeal to all shopping age groups and will be particularly helpful to those on a budget trying to get the best deal possible.

Thought to be a first for the internet WonderSaver is a pay per search service where the customer enters their best price and WonderSaver guarantees customer savings or a free search. Customers select their product from an extensive category listing and enter their best retail price and shipping cost. Wondersaver performs a search and promises to return the customer savings within 24 hours. The website prides itself on delivering savings and has a “Cash Saved” grand total proudly clocking up the customer savings.

There are an extensive list of shopping products that can be searched for, guitars, ipads, washing machines, televisions you name it! Exclusions at the moment are financial products, property, food and drink everything is fair game!

Product searches are priced low and the customer would normally expect to save multiples of the initial outlay with a “free search” guarantee. All searches in November 2012 have a free search promotional offer to enable customers to become familiar with the website and the service offered.

Ian Reid founder of WonderSaver says "There are too many voucher codes, retail sites and price comparison websites out there and you can never really be sure if you've found the cheapest product. WonderSaver provides this search service and guarantees that the best price is found - in a nutshell, we search you save!"

WonderSaver.com is a family run company from Arbroath in Scotland, specialising in web searches and web search technology. We proudly carry the motto - "we search you save!" Our sales team can be contacted via sales@wondersaver.com and the company website is WonderSaver.com

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