Electrical Counter Polishes Up Its Chrome Switches

Electrical Counter supplies switches and sockets of every size and shape and its market place is increasing constantly and it is a company that is well worth examining to see what the offers are at any moment.

Online PR News – 31-October-2012 – Ashford Kent – Electrical Counter supplies Switches and Sockets of every size and shape and its market place is increasing constantly and it is a company that is well worth examining to see what the offers are at any moment. This may sound strange as most installers have a set remit to install too. This totally dictates the type and size of the materials that are to be fixed and supplied. Whilst this remit is an obvious starting point it is worthwhile examining the options and prices that are being promoted at any one time. The reason for this is that the initial plan may have been for a fairly mundane installation based on cost because the typically cheapest items are usually the ones ordered whereas the market may be such that there is a special offer that could be examined and a higher quality product may be available at a very low price.

This is the case with the polished chrome switch and socket range at present. Electrical Counter is pleased to promote the Nexus range of Polished Chrome switches and sockets at a price from 25% to 50% of the previous list price. This is an excellent price for the materials that are used and will significantly reduce the costs of a new installation but more importantly bring the costs down to close to the level of the typically cheaper range of switches and sockets. This promotion, which uses a very good manufacturer is excellent and is well worth further examination as it gives the final customer the chance of being able to use a top quality named product at a price that can be afforded. It is uncertain at present whether this price reduction can stand the test of time but there are certainly signs that it may well be the case.

Electrical Counter can supply a full range of electrical goods mainly via the Internet and can compete with all the main companies and it is to their credit that they are trimming prices to a level where they may well influence whether the work is started and it will be interesting to see where this finishes.

Polished Chrome switches and sockets are a super range of electrical goods that have brought a very exciting look to the switch and socket business as they are extremely attractive in appearance and price and the completely different look is quite striking when installed throughout the building. The sharp mirror like finish can give reflections and mirror type light images but generally they are fitted in positions that do not get outside direct light but instead give a wonderful finish. The system will require some upkeep in cleaning to get marks off the polished surface but this is simple and really should be carried out on all switches. Electrical Counter notes that the light switches and sockets of any product range will get handled many times, the problem is that this is one of the simplest ways of passing disease around and cleanliness is paramount. Electrical Counter notes that polished chrome goods are the easiest and safest materials to stop this problem.

The Electrical Counter supply a wide range of electrical wholesale products in the UK including top quality switches and sockets such as nexus metal switches and sockets.

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