Phinkit Levels Playing Field for Entrepreneurs

For many entrepreneurs, spreading the word about their business is an uphill battle, a demoralizing effort when they lack resources for marketing their products and services. This has now changed.

Online PR News – 01-November-2012 – London, England – Many entrepreneurs craft their own marketing information, spend hours compiling lists of potential customers and emailing hundreds or thousands of marketing pitch messages, hoping someone - anyone - will reply.

Realizing that everyday people need a better way to communicate who they are and what they're about, British businessmen Martin Lucas and Simon Jack have created a new online resource They describe Phinkit as a multimedia mash-up of business and lifestyle...a community driven by content not connections.

On the new site, everyday people can reach the entire Phinkit community, not just a few connected friends.

Members of Phinkit are, of course, Phinkers who express Phoughts about what they, and others in the community, are doing. Topics range from "Using Technology to Sell" and "Power Presenting" to phought-provoking information posted, for example, by a carpet cleaning entrepreneur, a professional photographer, a clothing store owner, an accountant, a design consultant, and many others in small businesses and consulting. Phinkit membership is free of charge.

"Phinkit levels the playing field by providing an opportunity to reach a growing audience of people in a growing, global online community," according to Lucas and Jack. "We believe we're addressing an important need for people who are striving to be known. Phinkit can be their sounding board and zero-cost option for communicating their brand."

On Halloween, Phinkit will launch a new feature called Medals, which will recognize members for thoughts expressed in their postings, as well as for comments or observations that bring value to others in the Phinkit community and support their business development goals.

"The Medals feature, we believe, will enhance the manner in which people achieve recognition in social media," according to Jack. "It's a step beyond recognition based solely on connections or followers."

Another new feature set to debut in October will enable people to filter all Phinkit content to receive information from local experts and entrepreneurs. "Your search for interior design tips, for example, will generate postings by interior design people in your area," according to Jack. "This feature will help businesses focus their marketing efforts locally."

Planning and development for the new site began in January 2012. Lucas, Jack and 3 colleagues launched a Beta version of Phinkit in mid-July. Since the launch, more than 1,000 active members.

About Phinkit:
Simon is the Creative Director of Phinkit, which launched in July 2012 with the aim of making getting heard on social media easier for businesses, brands and individuals. Phinkit is different because it's the world's only social site where the quality of your content is more important for success than the number of connections, friends or followers you have.