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Fitnessential, the maker of "NATURAL CURES FOR 120+ DISEASES" has launched a their website, that deals with the conspiracy and revealing of SUPRESSED CURES FOR DISEASE

Online PR News – 01-November-2012 – Tampa, Florida – Visit for the "No Hunger Bread" recipe, finger-tip access to 120+ Natural Cures, and more...

Most of us don’t realize the missing piece of the puzzle, Alternative Treatments. Did you know as of 2009 it takes $153.2 Million Dollars to research an organic product via F.D.A. standards! BUT HERE IS THE CATCH: You cannot regain the money used for researching an organic product because you cannot patent organic substances. If you cannot make any money, why research? Therefore Catch-22 is: YOU CANNOT SAY ANY ORGANIC SUBSTANCE ON EARTH HEALS DISEASE BECAUSE IT HASN’T BEEN F.D.A. APPROVED WITH $153 MILLION DOLLARS!

People like YOU and ME always wonder if there is any truth to the conspiracy that the F.D.A. and Big Pharma is one big corporation out to get TRILLIONS of dollars every year through...

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Cancer, HIV - AIDS, Heart Disease, Type I Diabetes, Type II Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Depression, Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, Lewy Body Disease, Herpes, Autism, Menopause, and even The Common Cold!

Before you fully understand, know this: Candida Albicans are the leading cause behind MOST of the above diseases and weight problems in THE WORLD. Candida Albican is a yeast parasite that is seen as an overgrowth inside the stomach and intestines. This growth is most easily seen when a person is not obese, has normal arms, chest size and leg size but their stomach is large in proportion to their body. The worst cases are often called a "beer belly". Italian researchers have estimated that over 80% of people have Candida. The most common side-effect of Candida is THE INABILITY TO LOSE WEIGHT AROUND YOUR MID-SECTION! Therefore, the first step is to rid yourself of this overgrowth with the Fitnessential Candida Cure Protocol, which usually results in large portions of weight lost within 10-15 days. Fitnessential burns the Candida weight, eliminates massive weight through 4 easy cleanses (no exercises needed), shows you how to reverse symptoms of any disease mentioned above (and more), WITH ONLY 30 MINUTES A DAY!!!

Visit for the "No Hunger Bread" recipe, finger-tip access to 120+ Natural Cures, and more...

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Zachary Miller is an expert researcher of Alternative Medicine & Cures. He's well versed with the cures to over 120+ diseases. Offering FREE information to start your "Lose 20 Lbs in 20 Days" journey. Fitnessential is a company established in 2010, to provide best alternative cures the FDA has censored for over 80 years! Get the Starter Kit FREE @