ULaw Online Free Consultation with SRA-Approved Lawyers Only to Safeguard Customer Interests

ULaw Online provides its potential and present customers the best services from reputed and experienced solicitors, ensuring that all client interests are closely guarded.

Online PR News – 01-November-2012 – Widnes/Cheshire – Safeguarding the interests of the client is the foremost concern of Cheshire based legal firm ULaw Online. With this in mind, ULaw Online has revealed their policy of appointing only SRA certified solicitors in their firm. This move has been undertaken as a part of the overhauling of the customer policies. The new policies have been formulated in an effort to make the machinations of the organisation much more transparent to the consumers, in keeping with the requirement of ensuring that counterfeit solicitors are not able to deceive unsuspecting clients. Besides, ULaw Online advises all prospective clients- for accidents at work or any other claim- to verify its status personally before engaging their services. Registered under the ministry of justice, the firm recommends that its clients check its credentials from the MOJ website to ensure that all doubts are dissipated.

ULaw Online offers its services only through the most experienced and reputable solicitors, taking utmost care to weed out those who are not associated with the most well known management firms. Dealing with a wide variety of personal injury cases, the firm offers help in securing compensation for various kinds of injury claims. The extremely personal note of servicing sets the firm apart, along with its policy of laying out the case in layman’s terms.

The viability of engaging ULaw Online is further strengthened by the free legal advice that it provides the victims of road traffic accidents as well as subjects of other mishaps. With no hidden costs involved, the firm offers its services to the unfortunate subjects on a one-to-one basis. The consultation service consists of a careful analysis of the situation, the chances of winning the claim, the points that are to be considered while drawing up the sum of compensation as well as a step-by-step guide into the entire process of filing the claim.

In many cases, it is seen that the victim of an accident at work are hesitant about filing a compensation claim against the employer, out of the fear of facing unpleasantness at the workplace after the trial. ULaw Online counsels such victims, clarifying the pros and cons of the claim; thus helping people to get rid of their inhibitions.

For further information on the services offered by ULaw Online, please visit http://www.accidentatwork.org.uk/