Funtense: paper-and-pencil family and friends game by Aleph Null Visions - Release Info

Funtense is a fun famous family game visualized for iPad, designed to cheer you up. Aleph-Null Visions has put a lot of thought into the design, plus the use of a playful "Joker" coming from the mysterious platform of 90's best-seller novel "The Solitaire Mystery".

Online PR News – 01-November-2012 – Malaysia – By the newly-born software group "Aleph-Null Visions" comes an engaging cooperative game of constant fun and laughter. The game is built on top of a familiar paper-and-pencil group-game in which everyone throws funny and (intentionally) irrelevant words only to find them in laughable randomized sentences at the end. And that is the main spirit of the game: you never know where the, say, verb you are suggesting right now, would end up in the final sentences.

The above summary drives to the immediate conclusion that there does not appear to be any limiting "formula" in which the participants would be laughing: the possibilities are countless. And that means the game should never "get old". It would feel dull and out-of-date only when all the words in the world drain out!

Backing the main idea of this app, is the design. Aleph-Null Visions has put a lot of thought into the design and the interface coating the game striving to reserve the atmosphere of the traditional game: lighting, stacks of papers, pleasing sound effects when you turn the pages, or the famous messy "Desk" where all the magic happens.

And speaking of "magic", the added touch of playful flavor is the "Joker" inspired by the 90's best-seller novel "The Solitaire Mystery" by Jostein Gaarder. The Joker is the hands behind the scenes and the person who playfully misplaces the words into unexpected sentences. His presence adds some pleasant senses of mysterious secrecy to the environment -and to the gameplay! We will not ruin the fun by elaborating more.

Funtense is a new generation of entertaining games where the content is created by the very participants. The raw ingredients for the sentences to come to life is your own words. Just as the tag line wittily reads: "Your words. Misplaced".

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