The Greek Space Encourages Better Networking for Fraternal Organizations’ Members

The Greek Space is a popular networking platform for members of Greek fraternities and sororities around the world. In order to encourage more Greeks to actively engage in the social networking website.

Online PR News – 31-October-2012 – Champaign, IN – Champaign, US, 31 October 2012: The Greek Space is a highly visited and used networking platform for members of fraternal organizations across the globe. The website is used by Greek fraternal members wishing to find frat brothers and sisters they have lost touch with over the years. This social network is preferred by members due to its interesting and useful features like secure data sharing and video group chat among a host of other networking features. To encourage more people to come aboard the site and network in a completely secure manner, the company has emphasized on the importance of networking and its benefits.

A senior executive of the Greek Space listed out the networking benefits which fraternal members can avail, “It is always mutually beneficial to connect with other members of your fraternity to secure better careers and connections. Remember that your growth as an individual will be wholesome after being a part of the Greek fraternity and networking with others.”

The Greek Space team hopes to capture the interests of more Greeks and encourage them to be active participants on the social networking platform. They provide a completely secure networking platform, and ensure complete privacy of the members so that a Greek’s inherent need of exclusivity and privacy is met in the best manner possible. That is why the website has reached out to all fraternity members to encourage them to find, and reconnect with long lost members and avail the many benefits of networking with fellow Greeks.

A senior executive of the company said, “The essence of leadership that you learned while in your Greek letter organization prepares you for the rest of your life even after end of college and advancement of the fraternity Greek alphabet letters of your fraternity enrich you for life and you must benefit from the same.”

The company hopes Greeks across the US and the rest of the world realize the benefits of being on the network and come on board the platform at the earliest.

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The Greek Space is a networking platform for Greek fraternity members to find, reconnect and network with fellow fraternity members as well as members of other fraternal groups.

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