Top Pain Management Doctor Scottsdale Uses Miraculous Treatment For Chronic Pain

Top pain management doctor Scottsdale, Dr. Vengurlekar, or Dr. V. for short, has become Arizona’s major doctor in the area of chronic pain management by using a cutting-edge procedure to eradicate chronic pain.

Online PR News – 31-October-2012 – Phoenix – Scottsdale, Arizona – Top pain management doctor Scottsdale Dr. Sham Vengurlekar, or “Dr. V.,” is one of a select few highly-trained specialists fit to administer the precise procedures that deal with everlasting pain. Instead of prescribing highly-addictive and body-numbing opioid pills such as Vicodin, a policy often used by other popular physicians, Dr. Vengurlekar goes for an alternative route. Using minimally invasive procedures, top pain management doctors Scottsdale, Dr. V., injects calculated volumes of anti-inflammatory and particular medication directly to the nerves that send pain signals up to the brain. The finely tuned procedures of Dr. Vengurlekar, Top pain management doctors Scottsdale, unlike the popular and publicized pain-killing methods, work to decrease the pain of his patients instantaneously and serve to remove their afflictions for very long amounts of time.

Dr. V., top pain management doctors Scottsdale, is truly a medical prodigy because he started med school at only 16 and is a board-certified surgeon with accreditation in cardiovascular and thoracic surgeries. Yet, this top pain management doctors Scottsdale has found his true destiny in the medical world in the area of chronic pain.

Top pain management doctors in Scottsdale have seen medical science is advancing at such a tremendous rate that is almost impossible for the vast majority physicians to keep pace. It is an unfortunate reality that many ailments today go misdiagnosed in our nation. Many doctors who can’t claim to be top pain management doctors Scottsdale recommend procedures and many repeating surgeries for the same ailment are doing so too indifferently and without the proper information needed to make such a judgment call.

“I injured my rotator cuff in my left shoulder and have lived with pain on and off since then,” remembers one man, Dennis, a prior patient of Dr. V., top pain management doctors Scottsdale. “I was recommended to Dr. Vengurlekar and within moments of my first visit he had established an accurate diagnosis even without an MRI or a treatment plan. After the first treatment, my shoulder was nearly pain free and my range of motion had improved dramatically. I have now returned to my normal workouts in the gym and I can play sports again, like tennis and golf.”

With the help of top pain management doctors Scottsdale, Dr. V., all sorts of people have avoided unneeded surgeries recommended to them by other physicians, saving thousands of dollars by avoiding superfluous medical costs, not to mention their own well being. Thanks to Dr. Vengurlekar, people are finally rediscovering what it was like to thrive once again with comfortable, meaningful lives.

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