Sport Science To Hault Business On Election Day

Sport Science, a made in USA sports apparel manufacturer joins the Take Back Tuesday Movement with by closing business on election day in the spirit of democracy.

Online PR News – 30-October-2012 – Fairfax, VA – October 30, 2012 – Sport Science announces its partnership with in their Take Back Tuesday initiative, which sets out to make Voting Day a national holiday. As part of this movement, Sport Science employees can rest easy as they head to the polls on Tuesday, November 6, because they’ll be on a paid vacation day.

Sport Science founder and president, Neal Caplowe, explains, “Voting is our most important responsibility in a democracy. I feel we have become complacent about voting – it’s time that we recommit ourselves.” Joining forces with GOOD, Caplowe has committed to shutting down his company’s operations on Voting Day allowing employees ample time to head to the voting booth. Although based in Virginia, Caplowe’s small sports apparel company has employees spread across the US; political preferences within the small company are sure to vary. Sport Science, a company that prides itself on manufacturing the bulk of their products in the U.S., is not concerned with their employees’ candidate of choice, only that they show up at the polls and make a choice… and the company is doing what it can to facilitate easy voting.

GOOD’s voting movement is gaining attention among its online community members, including actor Rainn Wilson, who is an active member of the GOOD community and stars in the movement’s promotional video. While a number of businesses throughout the country have joined GOOD in this movement, Sport Science is the only apparel company registered at this time. To further support this crusade, Sport Science has released limited edition voting graphics, which are available for purchase from the web store.

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