Evolutionary Intelligence Announces Nine Patent Lawsuits

Patent Infringement Cases Focus on Mobile Web Ecosystem

Online PR News – 31-October-2012 – San Francisco, CA – SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Evolutionary Intelligence, LLC, today announced the filing of nine lawsuits for patent infringement in the United States District Court in the Eastern District of Texas.

The nine defendants named were a device and OS manufacturer, Apple, Inc., a wireless carrier, Sprint Nextel, Inc., two social media and advertising companies, Facebook, Inc., and Twitter, Inc., two location-based search and social media companies, Yelp, Inc., and Foursquare, Inc., a location-based advertising company, Millennial Media, Inc., and discount promoters Groupon, Inc., and Living Social, Inc.

The lawsuits are based upon US Patent 7,010,536 filed by American technologist Michael De Angelo in 1998, and US Patent 7,702,682, both entitled “System and Method for Creating and Manipulating Information Containers with Dynamic Registers.”

A spokesperson for the company offered this comment:

"We are honored that so many great American companies have chosen to follow our path by integrating into their products and services our patented technologies. We stand firmly with them in protecting the constitutional rights of corporations and inventors in the spirit of innovation, and look forward to building with them a more exciting and dynamic mobile Web."

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About Evolutionary Intelligence, LLC

Based in San Francisco, California, Evolutionary Intelligence, LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company. The company owns and is the licensing authority for US Patents it believes critical to aspects of the mobile Web and Web 2.0 ecosystem.