'Something's Missing' Unfolds Within The World Of Kids' Sports

Children love a good mystery, and reading for fun is encouraged by a sports theme combined with a whodunit in this first book by Maureen Grenier of a new series for children from ages 8 to 12.

Online PR News – 30-October-2012 – VANCOUVER, BC, Canada – What happens when a 12 year-old boy faces a problem without the parent who has always been there for him, an 11-year-old boy fears everyone thinks he’s a loser, and a 13 year-old girl is carelessly betrayed by her teammate? In the sports mystery 'Something’s Missing," three young hockey players struggle with something missing in their lives as they play in the annual Vikings versus Pirates Tournament: a missing father, a missing team, and a missing friend.

Author Maureen Grenier asserts, “The sports world is a microcosm of life itself and through sports experiences – good and bad – children learn how to cope with life, how to work together, and what it means to be a good friend. Young readers can relate to the situations and enjoy the added suspense of a mystery, which makes reading a happy experience.”

In this first book of the Viking Club mystery series, three young hockey players deal with their own personal problems, and are then brought together by chance in the last game of the tournament to solve a mystery that affects the entire hockey organization. Can they head off the disaster facing the Vikings and the whole town?

“I think it is important to present children with stories of real life difficulties to help them understand that they can find solutions to their own problems,” says Ms. Grenier, “and sometimes it’s as simple as having the encouragement of a friend or learning to accept what can’t be changed.”

The Office of Educational Research and Improvement, US Department of Education, reports that research indicates an important goal is “to motivate children to want to read so they will practice reading independently and, thus, become fluent readers. That happens when children enjoy reading.”

“It’s important for a child to read fast enough that the story will unfold in his head like scenes in a movie, and it’s reading for pleasure that helps a child achieve that goal,” confirms Ms. Grenier. “One of the best features of a sports mystery is the motivation for a child to stay glued to the story and to read as fast as possible to find out ‘whodunit.’”

The book is illustrated by the author, and can be ordered from Amazon.com in paperback (US). It is also available from selected bookstores, and a Kindle version will be released in a few weeks.

"Someone’s Trapped" is the second book in the series and scheduled for publication in 2013. It takes place during the soccer season and brings the three friends together to solve another mystery while grappling with their own personal issues.

About the Author
Maureen Grenier has worked as an artist for The Kanata Standard, an editor and writer for Meridian Magazine, Publications Manager for the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, and freelance editor and writer for various organizations and publications. She has a BA from the University of Waterloo, a year of Commercial Art from Washington State University, and an Elementary School Teacher’s Certificate from the University of Victoria, BC.

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