Julias Bhakira – a bright diamond in the marketing industry

How many times have you heard the expression “diamonds are forever”? How would you feel like working with these precious gems all day long?

Online PR News – 31-October-2012 – Dunedin – Diamonds are a desire and a controversy at the same time. Everyone wants them, yet they are not easy to get, being affordable only to the wealthy sector. That's probably what attracts people the most, because this stone has never lost its value, nor has ever been cheap to obtain. Julias Bhakira is considered to be a diamond in the marketing industry, being that one person who has boosted the profitability of the company he is working for. What makes this man so special and how did he managed to become a veritable member of Diamonds and Gemstones?

Apart from his entire dedication and full commitment towards the company and the position of CEO Marketing he is currently occupying, this man has previously been gathering the necessary knowledge which has made him famous. In 2004 he has graduated from University of Pretoria, a highly reputable education institute from South Africa. Julius Bhakira got his degree in Bsc and business management and he has put in practice what he knew best in two other prestigious African companies. A curious and bizarre thing is that J.Bhakira presently occupied two important jobs, as his resume mentions it, being both the CEO of Bhakaz Diamonds & Gemstones and also the Director of Marketing of African Gemo Resources since 2011. His first relevant position regarding working places is represented by his Manager function at Bhakaz Chamicals from 2005 until 2008. The many years of experience he managed to gather along the time, made him an expert in strategic planning, project management and also customer relations. But the success wasn't enough for this brilliant man. He also decided to settle for good in a residence located in Johannesburg, South Africa, though his birth place is Zimbabwe. A man with big aspirations and outstanding achievements has personal hobbies as any regular guy. Though he is known to be the best at his work place, he is also into golf, rugby and also swimming. An active man, as you can describe Julias Bhakira, guides himself on the principle:” The values that guide my decision making are spelled out in my Credo. Put simply, My Credo challenges me to put the needs and well-being of the people I serve first”, this being his own statement.

Questioning about his previous activities, Julius Bhakira started working many years before, as a Corporate Vice President. Later on, in 1989 he became Senior Vice President of a reputable company. The most appreciating thing about this man, calculating his business decisions, is that he made one step at a time. His progress in career, beginning from a lower position, made him become an expert in Management and Marketing, due to the previous jobs he had. His career is still blooming nowadays, thanks to his wisdom in business. With two important positions occupied in the same time, this man knows when to work and when to have fun, his job being a relaxation period. He enjoys what he is doing, being very modest for a man with his skills and prestige. All there is to say about Julius Bhakira, is that he is to take as an example for all those interested in becoming successful at their working place!

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