Orange Promises Free HTC Desire On Contract Deal From April

HTC Desire would soon be available for the Britons for free. Starting April, the phone can be possessed by paying nothing for it.

Online PR News – 26-March-2010 – – As HTC Desire has already gained unprecedented popularity in the UK, it has established its niche in the elite market. As the news spread pertaining to its free availability, happiness could be sensed among the mobile lovers all across the UK.

Being available for free on contract mobile phone deals by Orange, the network service provider has once again proved that it believes in granting huge concessions to the mobile phone lovers.

However, the exact details of this seemingly lucrative deal are not currently available. For the purpose, we will have to wait for the final declaration from the company. So far, there has not been any official declaration highlighting the details from the provider and that has lead to a lot of speculation among the people.

As according to the current details, HTC Desire is termed as an “Orange Signature Device”. The indication is simple and straightforward that it's going to be exclusive. However, it might be one of the interpretations so it is better to wait until April.

Following points have been forwarded by the company on concrete basis:

Orange is prepared to retail the HTC Desire as part of few of the pay monthly and business price plans starting April

The HTC Desire will be featuring Qualcommm’s superfast Snapdragon supported with 1GHz processor including Google’s Android 2.1 Operating System

The HTC Desire would be the first of several Android handsets exclusively sby Orange in 2010

The availability of the offer would be all pervasive. Being available coming this spring, it has already casted a spell binding aura on to its prospective buyers. However, to get the device for free would demand to enter into the contract as proposed by the Orange.

There are no ambiguities as far as the superiority of the device is concerned. It is simply magnificent and worthwhile for the users.

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