Hedding Law Firm Offers Free Face to Face Consultation In Criminal Defense Charges

Hedding Law Firm provides excellent, high quality representation to clients throughout the Los Angeles area.

Online PR News – 31-October-2012 – Encino, CA – Hedding Law Firm knows that choosing a criminal defense lawyer can be a very difficult decision to make, and that there is a lot of value in having a face to face consultation with a firm that can properly represent a client. The face to face consultation that they offer makes it easy for potential clients to get a feel for the level of service that the firm provides. With more than 75 years of experience representing clients throughout the Los Angeles area in criminal defense, Hedding Law Firm has been able to put together an excellent portfolio of previous work showing that they can appropriately represent clients in need.

The free consultation can allow clients to understand how Hedding Law Firm operates on a daily basis, as well as getting an idea for how they will tackle defending the client from those specific charges. Hedding Law Firm's practice area covers a wide array of different types of criminal cases, including drug charges, DUI charges, and a variety of federal crimes.

Call Online

Recently, Hedding Law Firm debuted their new feature that allows prospective clients to get ahold of a representative for the law firm directly through their website. By clicking on the "Contact Us" button, the user will be redirected to a popup page, which allows them to enter their phone number. After entering a phone number in which the call can be placed through and also provide Hedding Law with contact information for the prospective client.

The automated form makes it as simple as possible for interested clients to become directly connected with Hedding Law Firm and inquire about their services. Upon placing the call, the client will be connected with a receptionist who can answer questions that they have about the firm and the services that the firm provides as the best Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer firm in the area.

By allowing clients to get into direct contact with the firm through the website, those clients can also make arrangements for their face to face meeting with representatives for the Hedding Law Firm as well.

Contact Us Form

Hedding Law firm also provides another option to those that are interested in their services. For prospective clients that do not have a computer microphone that will allow them to place a call through the website, they have also made a "Contact Us" form available on the main page of their website which allows clients to put in a request for contact through email. The form allows them to outline their situation, explain what they are looking for, and then receive correspondence from the firm within one day.

Hedding Law Firm has more than 75 years of experience in the business. In this time, it has become clear that helping to serve clients' needs includes making it as simple for them as possible to get into contact with Hedding Law Firm, the premiere Los Angeles criminal attorney firm, and inquire about the services that they provide. They represent clients in a wide range of different types of criminal cases throughout the Los Angeles area.

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