A New Website that Seeks to Uncover Lies in Society is Launched

Liestheytellus.com is a new site that seeks to bring the truth to the public by uncovering political and social lies that are running rampant.

Online PR News – 31-October-2012 – Ennis, Montana – Liestheytellus.com is a brand new site that seeks to uncover numerous lies that are told in the political and social circles. In a world where it is virtually impossible to distinguish between a lie and truth, this site is dedicated to helping people know exactly what is true and what is not.
This site has several categories which include politics, science and technology, celebrities and music. Religious lies are also handled extensively on this website.
Zachary Haygood, the site administrator had this to say. “Lies have become so prevalent in our society today that no one really knows what the truth is. For the society to be able to identify a lie, they must know the truth. Someone must stand out and point out a lie and point to the truth. That is what we hope to achieve through this site.”
In politics and government, a lot of things happen and get covered up. Many times the government covers up in the guise of protecting its citizens. This site believes that all citizens have a right to know what is happening in their country.
The site has brought to the fore numerous cases of abuse and torture on people who have criticized the government. A good example is the story of Brandon Raub, a former marine who was detained and put into a psychiatric ward by the FBI and Secret Service for posting criticisms against the US government. These and many other stories bring to the fore pertinent questions and issues to do with the government and how political situations are handled.
Celebrities and music is another category that will probably raise a lot of questions. The issues handled here touch a lot or religion and morality. What role are celebrities playing in bringing down the moral standards of the society? How is music being used to manipulate and brain wash listeners. This site will seek break the silence on the lies in the multi-billion entertainment industry that is said to be controlled by a group of very rich individuals.
Are there lies that the public needs to know about in the world of science and technology? This site will highlight lies in this area. There is a lot that the public does not know and needs to know about science and technology that affects their daily lives.
For those interested in uncovering lies, they can easily become contributors of this website. by sending articles to admin@liestheytellus.com.
To find out more about this site and what it has to offer, visit them on http://liestheytellus.com/ today.

About Lies they Tell Us:
Liestheytellus.com is a new site that seeks to bring the truth to the public by uncovering political and social lies that are running rampant. The site points out lies and highlights truth.
In a world of half-truths, grey areas and blatant lies, there must be a place where one can find the truth. Visit your site on http://liestheytellus.com and live in the truth today.