Counselling and Psychotherapy: Demand for Addiction Counsellors growing rapidly

Counselling and Psychotherapy training is the best option available for those interested in helping people with addictions.

Online PR News – 26-March-2010 – – ATI, an accredited Counselling and Psychotherapy training institute in Ireland is best known for delivering addiction related counselling courses. Headed by Trinity College trained psychotherapist, Mr. John Crimmins; ATI has training programmes suitable for beginners as well as experienced professionals. Tailor made training programmes for organizations; case work supervision and consultancy on clinical treatment programme development are some of the other ethical and professional services that ATI ( can offer.

There are many different addictions that a person may suffer from. It has been observed that, there are millions of individuals worldwide with nicotine, drug, alcohol and other addiction problems that need to be overcome. Moreover, since addiction and its causes are not easy to eliminate; it can be extremely hard to break the behavioural and psychological cycle of an addict. Though each person's addictive behaviour is individual to them, there are common factors that are present in most addicts. Under such circumstances, the best solution available is to recognize and handle addictions and related behaviour individually; and this is where the job of an ATI trained addiction counsellor comes in.

Having extensive experience in the area of addiction and being involved in group work for many years, the counsellors and lecturers of ATI train addiction specialists in a comprehensive manner that allows them to help and support people in overcoming drug, alcohol, gambling, and other dependencies through counselling, education, and other services.

With the aim of helping students to identify and modify undesired compulsive behaviours, ATI, the Psychology training institute in Ireland have structured its courses in such a manner that it offers them a unique learning experience by combining theoretical classroom teaching along with real-world learning experiences. Some of the other features of the curriculum are as follows:

1. Skills and knowledge base: Students learn the essential skills and knowledge required to deal with the causes, treatment and recovery from addiction.

2. Understanding Biological, Psychological and Social Factors: A training course related to addiction will help students understand the biopsychosocial factors and complexities that may lead to addictive behaviours. Upon completion of the training, students will be able to analyze each of these 3 main factors affecting an addict and then utilize various treatment methods most appropriate to an individual, accordingly.

3. Job Satisfaction and Prospects: The training teaches the students appropriate methods for engaging, communicating and supporting the addicted individual effectively.

Addiction counselling and psychotherapy training have gained much recognition in recent years and it has emerged as one of one of the best means for people to overcome addictive behaviour and similar behavioural patterns. Many rehabilitation centres, clinics, community centres and schools have begun recruiting addiction workers or counsellors. Choosing a career in this field is the best option available for those interested in helping people with addictions. ATI courses are the best for all those who aim for job satisfaction as an addiction counsellor.
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About ATI Ireland:

ATI Ireland has a team of highly qualified addiction, counselling and therapeutic specialists who provide students with real-world training and skills that are required to treat addiction disorders. Students are taught research methodologies, as well as the ability to evaluate that research for providing better emotional and psychological support to the addicts.