DJ Frausun's Controversial Electronic Album ORAL Inspired By Discreet Dating Ads On Craigslist.
30 October 2012
Dallas, TX.: Mixing Industrial Dance, Dark Ambient and Experimental Noise, Frausun's album "Oral" takes the listener down the road of anonymous sensuality and discreet pleasures. The lyrical direction of the music was inspired by personal ads on Craigslist and the resulting conversations that occurred with Kurtz Frausun, the lead singer. "I was fascinated reading about such forbidden desires: what people could not admit to their lovers about, but could tell the whole world. From the common, seeking partners for anonymous sex, to those that wanted someone to be their Pet in a cage, never to leave their side." Kurtz, with his Slave, DJ Paloma Frausun, create their Dark Ambient, Gothic, Industrial music in Dallas and compose experimental videos that explore the religious (Norse Gods like Odin, Thor, etc. and Christianity), to war, BDSM, GLBT rights and women’s rights. They are inspired by bands such as Dead Can Dance, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Death in June and film directors Leni Riefenstahl, Fritz Lang, David Lynch, as well as the literary works of Rumi, Nietzsche, and William S. Burroughs. While Frausun's previous works have been about struggle and overcoming, on "Oral," they’ve taken a different approach by advocating indulgence and excess. "So often I write about overcoming battles we face, both physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but this time I wanted to communicate through music the longing so many have they can't admit to, but wish to explore. There is no great answer in these songs, only a celebration of our constant passions, our sexual inclinations that motivate our lives." Their live shows consist of scarification rituals, strike branding, burlesque cabaret, performance art, video art and a variety of other unique acts. “Our shows become Total Environments: Burning incense, hypnotic videos, subliminal audio, video messages, etc. The audience is either entranced or repulsed. Either way, I consider the show a success. A number of venues in D/FW have refused to book us because we’re too much to handle.” Kurtz Frausun. The album can be purchased on Itunes at: Frausun's website is located at Kurtz Frausun is available for interviews and can be reached at 214.883.3277.