The First Native WinRT Viewer for MS SQL Server Reporting Services is Available

Perpetuum Software LLC releases a new product in the line of Viewers for MS SQL Server Reporting Services – a native WInRT Viewer for Reporting Services

Online PR News – 30-October-2012 – 10-30-2012, Tampa, FL – Perpetuum Software LLC is proud to announce the official release of a WinRT Viewer for Reporting Services, the first native WinRT component that allows seamless integration of MS SQL Server Reporting Services reports into Windows 8 XAML & WinRT based applications.

Reporting Services from Microsoft remains the industry-standard, thus, one of the most used reporting solutions on the market. But the enterprise application technologies change rapidly, making it difficult for developers to choose right tools for building feature rich business applications. Perpetuum Software team heals the headache at least in reporting part offering a line of native Viewers for MS SQL Reporting Services for newly appearing technologies. The company offers native viewers for Silverlight and WPF. Now it’s the time for WinRT.

What differs all Perpetuum Viewers for SSRS is the adherence to technologies’ nativity. With the help of Custom Rendering Extension a developer gets a report in native XAML format making it a part of the developed application.

WinRT Viewer for Reporting Services completely addresses requirements to Windows 8 user interface. The product features the support for both mouse and touch-based interface, multi-touch gestures for navigation and scaling, Flip & Grid view mode for reports, search with text highlighting etc. Besides, following the “content focused” principle of Metro interface, WinRT Viewer for Reporting Services allows “turning-off” the menu that comes with the product by default and moving the control keys to the AppBar of a page.

Thus, when working with reports, end users not just access the same reports from inside a WinRT app, but enjoy all tricks of a brand-new Metro style user interface approach.

“Using the WinRT Viewer for Reporting Services developers do not need to rebuild their reports to work under Windows 8. This saves hundreds of man/hours! And even the most feature-rich reports will be seamlessly integrated into Windows 8 apps keeping drill-down and drill-through, navigation through hyperlinks, use of parameters and all other features,” says Mikhail Payson, CTO at Perpetuum Software.
Besides, WinRT Viewer for Reporting Services provides the same export options as classic SSRS (PDF, Excel, Html, Cvs, Xml, etc) with the support of “save to file” option and/or the use of Win8 Share Contract.

Integration efforts of the component into native Windows 8 XAML & WinRT based applications are minimal: a developer needs to write 3 lines of code in XAML and 4 lines of the code behind. Although the first product version also required a WCF service for interaction with Reporting Services, Perpetuum team says that the next product version will not require these additional settings.

Download 30-days free trial version of WinRT Viewer for Reporting Services:

About Perpetuum Software LLC:
Perpetuum Software LLC is a premier developer of .NET components and libraries for reporting, data analysis, and visualization intended for the creation of corporate applications in Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), ASP.NET, Silverlight, HTML5, and WinRT. Thousands of enterprises in more than 70 countries use Perpetuum Software products to build robust applications and use them across all the main industries: from retail to aerospace.