Outsourcing Website A1 Virtual Assistant Puts Spotlight On Online Research Assistants Services
30 October 2012
A1Virtual Assistant (www.a1virtualassistant.com/), the outsourcing website promoted by EVS LLC has added a new focus on providing services of online research assistants and virtual administrative assistants. The former is a very niche market in the online sector. Says a spokesman of the virtual services outsourcing website, “There is a huge demand for online research assistants from market research and academic research sections. In online research, the role of place Virtual Assistants is growing and outsourcing is increasing”. AI is the online front end of a reputed Virtual Assistants Company evirtualservices.com (EVS LLC). The ongoing campaign will showcase the advantage of hiring high value online Research Assistants and the advantage of hiring from EVS with the right RoI and rational costs. According to many analysts the benefits of hiring an online assistant are numerous. They not only give excellent results on par with global benchmarks but also offer the hiring client a cushion of at least 50 percent cost savings as compared to recruiting a full time research assistant in-house. The contribution of online research assistants is invaluable in terms of hundreds of high value projects where strict deadlines have to be complied with. A1virtual assistants have a wide talent pool of research assistants for all categories of Clients. • Clinical research assistants • Legal research assistants • Media research assistants • Historical research assistants • Economic research assistants The trend of hiring a Virtual Assistant for online research is catching up with all business verticals and research organizations. At present online Research Assistants are enjoying the highest demand in the following areas: • Medical research • Investigative research • Historic research • Science and Technology research • Market Research • Internet research on any topic A1 with its offer of Virtual Administrative Assistants offers streamlining of business processes without any major cost overruns as compared to the cost incurred by on-site employees. The Alliance for Virtual Businesses has listed five essential competencies required from a virtual administrative assistant. They are--professional skills, personal skills and people skills in addition to education and professional expertise. According to market research agency Gartner, “To create a cost effective business and hassle-free lifestyle, outsourcing the routine services to Virtual Administrative assistants is essential to redeem a business and give it a big momentum in productivity, cost control and image makeover. Collectively it transforms a business into an efficient; highly productive and reputed entity without too many overheads.” When a small business or a client hires a Virtual Administrative Assistant, the following services get a crucial support. • Admin Tasks • Email Management • Telephone Call Management • Word Processing • Online research • Appointment Setting • Telemarketing • Copy writing • Web Updates • Social Media marketing • Customer Relations With the help of A1Virtual Assistant, any type of business organization or high net worth individuals can hire a virtual administrative assistant at competitive rates including data entry. No matter it may be a growing organization or an established one; the tasks are simple or secretarial just as databases, spreadsheets, mail shots, PowerPoint presentations or word processing, hiring virtual assistant makes a huge difference in quality. The same applies to complex and strategic tasks such as email management; strategic planning and other virtual office practices. Visit http://www.a1virtualassistant.com/internet-research-assistant.html about why, when and from where to hire a virtual assistant